Hong Kong stocks rose 700 points, next Monday, A shares higher go higher?

The A-share market will be closed for A week during the Spring Festival holiday, while Hong Kong shares will trade for 1.5 days and US stocks will trade normally.Next Monday (July 7) A shares will resume normal trading, in Hong Kong stocks rose, the US correction stabilized in the context of A shares, how will the opening interpretation?First, the Hong Kong stock market:Hong Kong stocks, danian 29 Hong Kong stocks half a day trading, after falling back up 1.07%, today (2.4) Hong Kong stocks to normal trading, the Hang Seng index rose 3.24%, Hang Seng technology index rose % individual stocks, goose plant rose 1.48%, xx Baba up 5.61%, a group up 4.01%, some east up 1.86%,Baidu rose 5.98 per cent.Baidu Hong Kong stocks to look at the US stock market: The US stock market, A shares during the holiday after three Yang ushered in the barin adjustment, today (2.4 Asian time) the top three futures index reversed upward, which means that 1.24 ~1.28 days to build A short-term bottom form effective.On the other hand, expectations of fed liquidity tightening have been well played out.The market had expected two to three rate hikes in 2022, but after the mid-January meeting, Fed officials continued to release “hawkish” comments, the expectation of five to seven rate hikes has been recognized by the market, expectations are fully managed.In other words, the worst of the liquidity squeeze has been priced into recent market moves, and when the boots do hit the ground, there is a high probability that the market will interpret it as a bearish squeeze.Nasdaq pre-market futures obviously, peripheral market performance is more friendly, A shares “off to A good start” or large probability events.Especially in the past half year, the growth track has been fully adjusted, such as the new energy automobile industry chain, photovoltaic, military industry and other industries with high prosperity.This is not, a Yadi announced in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company in January new energy vehicle sales of 93,168 vehicles, 20178 vehicles in the same period last year, a year-on-year growth of 361.73%.Finally, the A-share market: A week before the festival, the a-share three major indexes unilateral decline.In terms of trend: the K line cycle on the short line average, and downward divergence, each rebound in the stock index after hitting the 5-day average fell.On the weekly K-line cycle, the 5-week, 10-week and 20-week averages have just formed a downward dead cross, and the same trend is downward.At the same time, the MACD green column matching the trend is once again elongated, short and second force.In other words, on trend, the market has room to fall.Shanghai Weekly K chart indicators, KDJ and RSI indicators are low, and the bottom appears obvious passivation.The meaning of the passivation of the swing index is that the stage of the market reflects the negative, positive sensitivity is reduced.Investors in the field were basically caught up, where to lie down;And outside investors believe that the market still has room to fall, wait-and-see waiting for a lower point to enter the market, pessimism will be phased freezing point.In terms of support and pressure, Shanghai Composite Index has constructed 3180~3730 large boxes in large form since July 10 last year, which are composed of 3180~3400 and 3400~3730 small boxes.It is now just below 3,400;At the same time, the weekly close of the whole year of 2021 will be below 3400 only once on July 30 last year, and the other weeks will be above 3400 in the K-line dimension, in other words, 3400 has strong support.Comprehensive analysis: the holiday peripheral market surge, technology led the peripheral market, or will activate the A-share market adjustment in place of science and technology growth again active, return to the market “C” position;Technical chart above trend downward, but the swing indicator shows the stage oversold, oversold;Overlay box support and “off to A good start” is expected, next Monday A share market can be expected.(This article is a sort of traceability investment ideas and thinking, does not constitute investment advice, only for reference) I am traceability to one, minimalist investment practitioner!​

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