Attention!Stop saying “ah” when you test nucleic acid

A lot of people do nucleic acid will be open mouth “ah” today, experts call for nucleic acid testing do not ah hot search!Recently, Liu Lei, director of the National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases and secretary of the Party Committee of the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, told The Crystal News in an interview that the nucleic acid should be paid attention to five points: don’t chew gum, betel nut and drink;Pharyngeal sensitive patients had better not eat for two hours before the test;Keep a distance of one meter without chatting;Do not put personal belongings on the test table.You’d better not make a sound or say “ah” when testing.On the last point, experts say: some positive patients in the “ah”, the aerosol out, out of the virus.When you open your mouth, you can tell yourself to say “ah”, but it’s best not to exhale. Hold your breath for a while.In this regard, some netizens said it was the medical staff who asked them to “ah” : some people did “ah” and “class representatives” also said: When you do nucleic acid, do you only make mouth movements, or do you make “ah” sounds?Source: China Youth Daily

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