A Hong Kong woman has been defrauded of HK $65m in the city’s biggest electrical fraud of the year

A woman in Hong Kong was defrauded of 65 million yuan (HK $) in 10 months along with her family since the middle of last year, according to ta Kung Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper.The con man was caught trying to swindle her husband again.The case is the largest telecom fraud case in Hong Kong this year.Hong Kong sham shui Po district homicide senior inspector zhen-yu Yang said on April 3, received a 40 year old sim woman reported, in June last year received calls, misrepresented that involves the woman one cases of releasing new crown vaccine of false information, swindlers provide a claim to be “the people’s procuratorate in China” website url, asked the woman to enter the bank account information.Between June and September last year, the woman was instructed to meet the four scammers five times. The scammers provided her with a mobile phone card and asked her to insert the card into her mobile phone to intercept her password for online banking with a malicious program installed in the phone.During the last meeting, the fraudster gave the woman a fake business contract, claiming to help her explain to the bank that she was doing legitimate business with the collection company to avoid scrutiny.The whole process of fraud in June last year to happen during march this year, the woman is divided into 14 times transfer 46 million yuan deposit to a designated account on the contract, the woman did not know there was fraud, also under the swindlers abetting deceive mother, said her husband business cash flow problems, cheated some, swindlers are also under the women’s knowledge through online bank transfer payment,The total amount is about 19 million yuan.After that, the swindlers also impersonated the so-called “Supreme People’s Procuratorate” judge called and asked the woman to remit money, the woman said she had no money to remit, so the swindlers turned to the woman’s husband, refers to its involvement in a case, the husband felt suspicious, reported the incident on April 3.The woman lost a total of 65 million yuan, including her mother’s loan and the mortgage on the house under the couple’s name.Hong Kong police investigation showed that the fraudster and the subject do not know each other.How many people were involved and whether there were other victims remains to be investigated.Commercial crime bureau anti-fraud coordination center senior inspector Lu Hongji pointed out that swindlers use epidemic in recent years as a cover, respectively, that the Lord had visited some high-risk areas or listed as close contacts, items involved in smuggling of epidemic diseases, from the mainland to smuggle vaccine to Hong Kong and the mainland spread false information about outbreaks in Hong Kong as a reason for fraud, make the victim was tricked into light savings.He urged members of the public to be cautious if they receive such calls.Source: Chinanews.com

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