Zhou Shen missed the CCTV Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, peace of mind to taste the white radish stew, unexpected harvest of different blessings

The white radish stew zhou Shen was talking about finally appeared.A famous male singer posted on his personal platform: Zhou Shen: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha dad added Diu Diu la in order to make me feel more ceremonial in person.At the same time, Zhou Shen also posted 9 latest photos, which are extremely rich in information. This is a New Year photo album.Zhou Shen, dressed in a red suit, sends you his New Year wishes.It can be seen that Zhou Shen is looking forward to coming home for the Spring Festival.After a busy year, it’s time for a good rest at home.It didn’t take long before the original image of the radish stew was revealed.However this and week deep ordinary mouth white radish stew some difference?Zhou shen himself also explained that this was the result of his teasing too much!Maybe it is!Take a look at this photo. This is in 2019, When Zhou Shen was interviewed and asked questions by reporters, he talked about the white radish stew. Today, it is known to the audience that the white radish stew is indispensable for Zhou Shen’s family New Year’s Eve dinner.A dish that no one cares about, until now the whole network is known, this is not the result of Zhou Shen’s daily ridicule?All parents love their children, and when their children say that the white radish stew has no flavor, they immediately add chili.And it comes with a clean dish.Week of deep:I asked my dad “not to say that bai luobo stew means clear in the coming year, easily add chili how relaxed”, my dad “dog son, means that easily moved to here ah” [been mom and dad wish again like a dog son grew up happy and healthy years. Didn’t expect big male singer to dog called by the parents, the other love.After a busy year, Zhou Shen can finally have a family reunion dinner with his parents.Although weeks absence from this year’s CCTV gala, but he also had more than one party for ladies and gentlemen, tonight you born need divided again? Winter jasmine flowers party “life total should meet light” jiangsu TV the snowflakes falling “space-time dislocation” dragon TV “and light with spring” “the gate open” Beijing TV. “you look delicious.”Even if Zhou Shen gave himself a short holiday during the Spring Festival, he still left something for the audience to watch during the Spring Festival dinner. In fact, Zhou Shen did not attend this year’s Spring Festival Gala should be his decision after careful consideration.As a popular entertainer, he has to follow the announcement everywhere every day, and the staff around him also have to follow him around China.Many fans know that Zhou Shen will not participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, have left a message: “To tell the truth, there is no Zhou Shen in the Spring Festival Gala, my heart just gave a sudden blow, but look forward to the Spring Festival Gala in other cities. We deeply stage many!I hope I can see Zhou Shen in next year’s Spring Festival Gala, his voice will make you like it, it’s really a heavenly sound. I just learned tonight that my family (including my mother-in-law who is over 80 years old) all like Zhou Shen and are waiting for Zhou Shen’s Spring Festival Gala, I told them that they are so surprised and lost without Zhou Shen!

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