Xincheng Primary School in Longshan County organized teachers to conduct nucleic acid tests for all members and tightly knit a safety net for the opening of the semester

Rednet moment Xiangxi February 20 news (correspondent Liang Zhenheng Peng Guiyun) “into the school gate, we are the guardian of students, their safety can not be lax for a moment.”On February 19, a day before the start of the spring semester, Xincheng Primary School in Longshan County organized all teachers to take nucleic acid tests to closely knit the safety net for the start of the semester.Primary school students in Xincheng are mainly from the suburbs, living in a wide area with high mobility, and facing pressure from epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety and other aspects.In order to ensure the safety of more than 1,000 teachers and students enrolled, the school conducted an investigation of potential safety hazards on campus, such as whether the electrical wiring is aging, whether the filter element of the drinking machine is replaced, whether the dining hall tableware disinfection and food retention samples are up to standard, and completed the on-site investigation.At the same time, the public wechat account of the new semester was released to clarify the requirements for students’ self-protection and put forward suggestions.We have coordinated with the public security organs of the jurisdiction and formulated emergency plans for safety work. Through the joint prevention and control mechanism, we have strengthened police patrols around the campus to ensure safe travel.

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