Smart vehicle blocking system installed in 315 residential lifts in You ‘anmen Street Road, Fengtai

“Electric car is forbidden to enter the elevator, please cooperate!…”A prompt sound, fengtai district, Beijing youth daily reporter in yulin dongli right gates street area 17 floor see, since the installation of the intelligent system after a traffic stop, as long as there is electric bicycle into the elevator when the surrounding immediately ringing voice prompt, control the elevator can’t close the door, stop running, in this way will electric bicycle “rejected”.Learned, recharge to clean up the electric bicycle violations governance weaknesses, eliminate illegal entry into the building, street right gates multilateral coordination, many measures simultaneously, in January this year completed the jurisdiction MoPai registered 315 residential elevators, all installed electric bicycle traffic stop system, containing electric bicycle fire from the source, ensure the security of the residents.This is fengtai right an door street in-depth study and education of the party’s history of the important results, but also I do practical matters for the masses of the important embodiment.”The elevator is small, and it is crowded after an electric car comes in, and after the electric car goes upstairs, we are worried that there will be a fire, especially unsafe.Live in yulin dongli district residents Xing said.In recent years, fire accidents caused by electric vehicles entering homes, charging upstairs and flying line charging have occurred from time to time, which has brought great safety risks to residents’ lives. Cases requiring rectification of electric vehicles going upstairs are also gradually increasing.Right gates street to the fire accident happened “connect v. do work order quantity” and “use crowd base” as three indicators to carry on the overall decision criteria, the organization carries out graded warning questioning, questioning the street community, community property, smart drive well implement responsibility at all levels, gradually completed 315 lifts up all the installation, regular patrol inspection to drag car system at the same time,Ensure installation landing and effective operation.It is understood that the right gates street many old residential area and high population density, electric bicycle ownership, intelligent car system to stop more than 98% of the electric vehicles to enter the elevator, can effectively eliminate safe hidden trouble, the system is composed of camera and the corresponding network environment, its working principle is very simple, camera real-time algorithm of objects into the elevator,It can recognize electric bicycles, wheelchairs, baby strollers, etc. When it is judged as electric bicycles, it will send voice, sound and light reminder, and control the elevator can not close the door.”After the installation of the blocking system, our safety is guaranteed, this heart can feel much more secure!”Ms. Xing said.Follow-up guarantee to make charging more safe and convenient electric car can not go upstairs, how to charge?Considering that charging is difficult and far for residents, different forms of electric bicycle charging devices have been coordinated and installed in Youanmen street according to the actual environment of different points after preliminary investigation. Charging piles, charging cabinets and charging slots can basically meet the charging needs of residents.It is understood that the current area has electric bicycle charging pile (cabinet) jack a total of 2470, the next step, will also add 1600 electric bicycle charging jack, so that the area of electric bicycle charging facilities cover.At the same time, the effective use of 2,470 installed electric bicycle charging sockets were inspected and patrolled to ensure that the physical and technical prevention measures in the area are fully effective.Safety is no trifle.You ‘anmen Street will continue to rely on the “traditional and emerging” two types of publicity media, adopt positive guidance, negative warning and other means, and with the district stationed in the street fire officers to sort out and edit 15 electric vehicle indoor charging fire cases, so that people know electric bicycle safety charging knowledge, let the safety awareness deep in the hearts of people.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Pu Changting editor/Cui Yifei statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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