Return?Exposed Aiksen waiting for the Chinese Super offer, Hulk with Gaolat situation or promote its return

What the new season will look like is still uncertain.However, from the situation of each club’s share reform and the recent salary limit news, the probability of the medium and large will usher in some changes.In this case, the dynamics of the players, is also worth paying attention to a topic.According to ESPN’s Jorge Nicola in Brasilia, Akerson is still waiting for an offer from the Chinese team, although he has been linked with a number of Teams in Brazil.So, will Akerson be back?A period of time before the national football match, Aiksen is absent, with Fenando different, he is positive.And just recently, Akesson posted a photo of himself playing for China for the first time.It can be seen that he still has a very deep affection for his “motherland”.Of course, the big factor in Akerson’s return: money.How much money can a player earn in Brazil?Take two familiar players: Hulk, who returned to The Bundesliga with a salary of 3 million euros;Goulat, it’s 940,000 euros.In fact, high lat is so low, or because of injuries.Mr Akerson, on the other hand, has his own problems: he is not in the best shape.In terms of fame and power, Hulk is undoubtedly a class above Akerson.He’s in Bakar. He’s only got three million euros.How much do you think Akerson’s gonna get?It must be much lower than that, and not much higher than Gaultier.Therefore, taking the current salary limit situation of Chinese Super League as an example: 3 million Euro, for The Bajia League, is not a very high salary?With the exception of some teams in West Asia, there is probably no club that can be compared with the Chinese Super League.Therefore, for Aiksen, return to the super is the best option.So, do we need Akerson?In terms of competitive ability, for the same 3 million euros, you could get a better player.But will the player be able to play for China?Don’t forget China will host the Asian Cup in 2023.This factor is very important.Akerson, 33, could fight again next year.So akerson’s return is not out of the question.

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