Love “not closed”, 409 tongcheng love citizens donate blood to celebrate the New Year

Spring is another year thick, love blood donation “open”.During the Spring Festival holiday, 409 people donated blood to celebrate the New Year, including 337 people who donated 126,500 ml of whole blood.Seventy-two people donated 125 platelets for treatment, which effectively guaranteed clinical blood use.From the first day to the sixth day, the caring citizens of tongcheng with good wishes for the New Year gathered at the blood donation house, pulled up sleeves to participate in blood donation, and passed the temperature of life to others.Yuan Hongyan is an ordinary worker in the city. On the third day of the Chinese NEW YEAR, she rushed to the South Street blood donation house to donate 400 ml of blood.”Donating blood is my New Year’s gift to myself,” she said. “I have been donating blood every year since 2006. From curiosity at the beginning, I now have a sense of responsibility to do what I can for society.I have received the national voluntary blood donation bronze award, Jiangsu province voluntary blood donation honor card, the national policy is very good, I also feel very proud.”So far, she has donated 6,000 milliliters of blood 15 times, and she says she will continue to do so.Lin Jiachao is a college student, on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, he came to the South Street blood donation house to donate 400 milliliters of blood. He said: “My father always insists on donating blood without pay, and the spirit of selfless dedication deeply inspires me.At school, I am both a class cadre and a Party member. It is what a Party member should do to contribute love and set an example.”The young man who just turned 20 has already donated blood 4 times.Hu Jinwei and Yuan Yan, a migrant couple from Guizhou province, stayed in Nantong for the Spring Festival in response to the call of “celebrating the Spring Festival in place”.Mr Hu said: “USUALLY busy work, only the Spring Festival holiday free, I wanted to donate blood to do something for the people of Tongcheng.”The couple donated 700 milliliters of blood that day.There are many loving couples like Chen Jin and Yan Jing, Shao Wenwu and Li Jiejie, for example, mortal kindness is the most touching.Ge Yongqin is a member of nantong Blood Donation Volunteers Association. For years, she has insisted on donating blood and volunteering. In her own words, “Donating blood and volunteering are two things I have always insisted on doing.”On the first day of the lunar New Year, she came to the machine room of the station to donate platelets. So far, she has donated blood 46 times, including 7,400ml of whole blood and 18.5 units of platelets.On the fifth day of the New Year, Ge Yongqin accompanied her daughter Zhu Qiqi came to the south Street blood donation house, her daughter lu Sleeve blood donation 300 ml.This is her fifth time to participate in voluntary blood donation.Mother and daughter concentric donation blood, share life, blood family worthy of praise.Like Ge Yongqin, there are many volunteers who stick to each blood donation point in the urban area during the Spring Festival. They interpret their unique taste of the New Year together with the blood station staff.In order to ensure adequate supply of clinical blood during the Spring Festival, the blood donation house and the machine room in the station are open to the public from the first to the third day of the first day.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, all six blood donation points in the city resumed blood collection, and mobile blood donation vehicles rushed to the streets of the city to collect blood continuously.After the Spring Festival holiday, hospitals will resume normal diagnosis and treatment, and clinical blood use will increase significantly.Here, the central blood station appeals to the masses of loving citizens to donate blood and contribute to the protection of the city’s people’s life safety and health.If you are interested in donating blood, please donate blood at the following locations:Inside nantong Central Blood Station (Blood Collection Room, 2nd Floor, 115 Guanyang Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong) 08:00-17:00 South Street Blood Donation House (at the gate of Five Star Electric Appliance, Industry and Trade Square) 09:00-17:00 Gaudi Crystal City Blood Donation House (at the gate of China Resources Suguo Supermarket at the entrance of Yuejiang Road) 09:00-17:00 North Street blood donation Car (north gate of Baian Yijia Entrance HallYongyi Road) 09:00-16:50 Development Zone Blood Donation Car (At the gate of Liqun Supermarket, No. 80, Shanghai East Road) 09:00-17:00 Aeon Mengle City Blood Donation House (parking lot of Area B, Aeon Mengle City) 09:00-17:00 Thank you for taking great care of people with your blood. Source: Nantong Blood Station

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