Home for the New Year found that, and a lot of people’s views, knowledge is a light year apart

Behind the attack is fear, want;Criticizing and attacking others is actually criticizing and attacking ourselves.Life is like a road from the broad plain into the forest, on the plain companions and walk together, jostling and jostling merrily, each other;Once in the forest, the grass and thorns are in the way, and the situation is changed. Each man is going his own way, looking for his own direction.The group feeling of pushing and jostling and singing and having fun together, the carefree and unsuspicious peer feeling, is only found in adolescence.Money is not the most important asset in life. Time is.In the darkest part of my life, I pulled myself out of the abyss.Without that person, I will be that person.– Nakashima Mika there is a paragraph should be many people have heard: smoking, drinking tattoos, these are not cool, cool is reading money fitness, although these will make you pain but will have growth.Who can’t spend money, buy buy buy who can’t, quarrel with leaders resign who can’t, but after these happy things, do you have the ability to pay?Will the money you spend turn into an investment, or won’t be a burden to your life?That’s something to think about.It’s always easy to make a decision. It’s hard to make the decision and bear the consequences.All the things that make you grow and feel better are the things that are painful and against your instincts right now.Have the judgment and execution to make yourself better and better.In fact, 99.999999% of the world died 5 years later, probably only the death day, people remember to go.After 50-80 years of death, almost no one remembers it. It’s true death.There is no need, therefore, for one to find the other superior and the other vulgar.Happy happy, only oneself know.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.We Chinese always want to have a busy year before we can have fun.The good news is that this year has been a little better than last year, and next year will be better.All of our efforts are aimed at protecting life from threats while leaving normal life less disturbed.The fight against COVID-19 in the future should be a process in which we constantly strive to regain normal life.– Zhang Wenhong In any event, when our intuitive feelings about the key people tend not to be extreme good or extreme bad, but to be “normal”, we are usually closer to the truth.All worthless people you do not spend a second with him.Whether he is valuable is his business, whether you are valuable is yours.If you understand this paragraph thoroughly, you will make progress.Text excerpts from the network/books/wechat group/circle of friends is not sure about the specific source/does not represent personal views

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