Du Feng’s public voice Asian Cup!It’s a lot of pressure to reintroduce tests and experiences and highlight Australian strengths

The draw for the Asian Cup has been announced today, and the opponents in our group are not very strong. After all, there are only South Korea, Chinese Taipei and Bahrain. It is really a lucky result that we did not meet Japan.In this case, Du Feng spoke for the first time.He highlighted the words: The Chinese men’s basketball team is about to face another test and experience.Such words are very clear, this Asian Cup for men’s basketball challenge is very big.After all, we will meet Australia in the knockout stages and it will be very difficult for us to win once we meet them.After all, Australia is the number one in Asia, and the gap in strength is very large, so Du Feng specifically mentioned: test and experience test and experience.Of course our ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympics and the Asian Cup is just a process.Later, Du Feng stressed: After Australia and New Zealand joined, Asian basketball entered a new pace of development, the intensity of the unprecedented.The words were clear, and he recognized both teams for the first time.After all, we were at an absolute height before.Now that Australia has joined, the whole situation is different, which affects our position in Asia.Finally, Du feng emphasized that we must make progress with more full attitude and faith, and face challenges without fear and fearlessness.Anyway, Du Feng has always been good in the culture of the team, so let’s see how the men’s basketball team is doing.Now the hope is that there will be no injuries to key players after the CBA.At the same time, there are a lot of tasks this summer. There will be a lot of international matches and all the players will come back healthy.This women’s basketball large area diagnosis, this is one of the most worrying aspects.

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