Construction of public brand management platform in Shikip Longan district, Pingnan

The purpose of this project is to protect the regional brand and the quality and safety of regional characteristic agricultural products.Thanks to its natural resources, Shek Kip Longan has become a landmark protection product.In order to better protect the use of regional brands, the shikip Longan brand management system was established to realize the use of regional brands.Protection of local specialty Agricultural products Local specialty agricultural products are the symbol of a region. Brand management helps to protect local specialty agricultural products, prevent other products from impersonating local products, and ensure the production quality of local products.Identify products through brand, speak with brand, and ensure quality with brand.Once consumers identify the brand products, it will greatly enhance the consumption trust of regional characteristic agricultural products and promote the production and sales of products.2. Standardize the use of regional brands brands can be used as the umbrella of landmark products, need to comply with certain use specifications.Brand management system from the brand access, use and other aspects of the corresponding management mechanism, to ensure the standard use of regional brands.Brand use specifications include user, use authority, use of products and other aspects of the text specifications.Only the formulation of reasonable brand use norms, can help to realize the use of regional brands.3. Improve the credibility of regional brands A good product needs the brand as the quality assurance, and the brand also needs the brand use standard to ensure.The construction of brand management system, has been the brand access to use of strict review, to ensure that the brand access to enterprises’ qualifications, at the same time, strict brand approval, to ensure the use of regional brand standards, enhance the regional brand in the public’s heart of trust.With the reform of agricultural products market competition, real-time agricultural products brand strategy is an effective way to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products market.The brand value of agricultural products is affected by resource endowment, geographical environment, climatic conditions and other factors, so it is necessary to help regions form brand protection awareness through brand management system to ensure the standard use of brands.A public brand management platform for Pingnan Shek Kip Longan district will be built to form a public brand management platform for Pingnan Shek Kip Longan district that integrates management with service, including brand access filing, traceability control, identification management, public service and big data application.The public brand management platform of Shikip Longan district is mainly composed of “one center and four systems”, such as brand filing management system, brand application and approval management system, brand identity management system, brand traceability information query management system and brand data center.Shu Shuo123 focuses on the government-enterprise informatization projects of operators, especially the government-enterprise informatization projects, and has collected the full data of the government-enterprise informatization projects won by the four major operators.It will provide readers with a panorama of provincial and municipal operators’ business development capabilities, key partners, ranking in the system, regional (prefecture-level) competitiveness, business opportunities for important projects and solutions.Welcome friends of government and enterprise informatization to pay attention to discuss together.Attention to the public number said 123 free access to the full amount of bid-winning data information

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