Build a strong industrial city steadily

Zhao Mingrui, director of Changchun Industry and Information Bureau.”Industrial development is running steadily, service enterprises are pragmatic and efficient, innovative development measures are strong, key enterprises have many highlights, and good results have been achieved in transforming driving forces.”Zhao Mingrui, director of changchun Industry and Information Bureau, said that in 2021, changchun’s industry and information work can be summarized as “stable, solid, new, bright and excellent”.In 2021, in the face of unprecedented “epidemic”, “lack of core”, “lack of coal” and “power rationing” and other overlapping impacts, the city’s industry and information technology front will take on the responsibilities, overcome difficulties, and make every effort to stabilize stock, tap potential, protect increment and prevent variable.Under the condition that the output value of the whole automobile decreased by 2%, the total output value of the city’s regulated industry increased by 2.5% year on year, and the added value of the regulated industry increased by 3.2% year on year. Strategic emerging industries such as medicine, health food, optoelectronics and new materials achieved rapid growth, up 39.7%, 30.2%, 19% and 16.7% year on year respectively.The “Ten Thousand People help Ten thousand Enterprises” campaign 2021 upgraded Version of changchun pro-Qing Government and Enterprise relations “Trinity” wechat group service system has been established. A total of 1,873 problems have been accepted and 1,805 have been solved, with a resolution rate of 96.4% and prompt acceptance and timely settlement of 100%.485 specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises at or above the municipal level, including 27 national-level and 84 provincial-level;Faw Red Flag sales of more than 300,000 vehicles, sales increased 63 times in 4 years, FAW Liberation heavy truck for 5 consecutive years to maintain the first industry, CRRC long passenger was rated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the fifth batch of manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises, “Jilin no.1” satellites in orbit reached 31……The eye-catching data benefits from the implementation of the “14th Five-year Plan” by Changchun Industry and Information Technology Bureau centering on the center and serving the overall situation, and contributes to the construction of changchun modern metropolitan area.In 2022, changchun Industry and Information Technology Bureau will, in accordance with the decision and deployment of Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Government, focus on the development goal of “Three strong cities and three centers” and the industrial layout of “six cities linkage”, adhere to the “stability first”, “progress in stability” and “quality improvement in stability”, and continue to promote the steady industrial growth and the development and expansion of private economy in the city.In 2022, centering on the general goal of “strengthening the industry city” and focusing on accelerating the construction of “International Automobile City”, Changchun will comprehensively launch the action of “accelerating speed on two wheels” and “flying with two wings” on the basis of comprehensively promoting the rapid development of seven industrial sectors to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the city.Strive to increase the city’s industrial output by 6% in 2022.”In six cities linkage as the main gripper, the lead of the development of the international auto city department, we are committed to strengthening project, platform and industrial collaborative layout, strengthen the key science and technology, talents, funds, strengthen the priority factor, policy, system, strengthen the production, life and ecology as a whole, formulate and implement high quality international auto city development planning.”Zhao Mingrui said that in the New Year, in promoting industrial development, to create “one core, two wings, eight belts and multiple parks”, to build a high-quality industrial development pattern of one core leading, two wings upgrading, eight belts accelerating, multi-garden layout;Fully develop the four leading industries, namely automobile manufacturing, automobile parts and accessories, automobile aftermarket services and rail transit equipment.Faw Red Flag prosperous factory.Implementation of five upgrading projects to promote the “double wheel speed”.Focus on the development of the automobile industry and rail transit industry, give prominence to the five upgrading projects of scale, momentum, brand, innovation and model, strengthen the support of the “dual wheels” of automobiles and rail buses, achieve “acceleration” and polish the “golden card”.We will give full service and support to faW Group and CRRC Changke, the two leading enterprises, speed up the “six return”, promote the automobile and rail bus industry to become better, bigger and stronger, build a world-class industrial corridor, and build China into an advanced manufacturing center.The Fuxing, a Chinese-standard EMU developed by CRRC Changke, officially rolled off the production line.(File photo) Carrying out the double multiplication project to promote “Flying with both wings”.Around the biomedicine and photoelectric information focus on strategic emerging industries “wings”, relying on high-tech zone, by the open area and demonstration to China and South Korea to build biological medicine industry development belt, relying on the open area, makes the photovoltaic industry development belt bayhood science and technology development zone, to “changchun medicine valley” and “optical valley” in changchun “double belt double base”.Investment and output value will double within three years.At the same time, we will promote the agricultural products processing, new materials and energy industries to scale up, strengthen innovation, and extend the chain, so as to achieve high-speed, steady and sound development, and make every effort to consolidate the “basic plate” of the industrial economy.”In the New Year, we will focus on platform construction, enabling upgrading, and seek breakthroughs in the implementation of actions to help enterprises.To give full play to the role of the service platform for enterprises, implement the ‘ten actions’ to serve enterprises, and empower and upgrade the stable operation of the city’s industry and the private economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises.”Mr. Zhao said.Changchun New Area “ten thousand people to help ten thousand enterprises” spring breeze heating special service action will be promoted.(File photo) In accordance with the decisions and deployment of Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, we continue to deepen the action of “Tens of thousands of people helping Tens of thousands of enterprises”, and carry out round-the-clock services relying on the “Wechat Group of Changchun Pro-Qing Government relations with Enterprises”. We are “free from trouble” in weekdays and “responsive” in key times, so as to create the best pro-business ecology and the fairest market environment.Continue to polish the “125” service enterprise brand, to achieve the work goal of “small enterprises become bigger, large enterprises become stronger, strong enterprises become new”.To carry out the “specialized, special and new” enterprise cultivation action, promote the city’s small and medium-sized enterprises “specialized, refined, characteristic, innovative” development, this year to cultivate 200 “specialized, special and new” small giant enterprises.We will spare no effort to implement the chain length system, focus on “checking and reinforcing chains, strengthening chains, extending chains and expanding chains”, modernize the whole industrial chain, and provide services for the stable operation of key enterprises.We will fully implement actions to serve the development of private enterprises, fully release policy dividends, and achieve breakthroughs in cultivating market players, developing enterprises through innovation, strengthening financing support, and strengthening systems.We will spare no effort to promote the listing of small and medium-sized enterprises, seize the opportunities provided by the state’s efforts to promote the listing of “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, vigorously develop the incubation and cultivation of enterprises to be listed, and support the listing of small and medium-sized private enterprises.To fully implement the action of capital-assisted industrial development, give full play to the role of the city’s key industry development fund and “enterprise loan” and other industrial innovation financing platforms, further expand financing channels for small and medium-sized enterprises based on science and technology innovation, and boost the rapid development of key industries.We will spare no effort to promote the innovation and development of enterprises, hold the fourth China Industrial And Economic Annual Conference and Summit Forum in 2022, conduct large-scale training activities for entrepreneurs, strengthen the development of manufacturing innovation centers, enterprise technology centers, and industrial technology public service platforms, and boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.We will fully implement green manufacturing services, implement the “dual carbon” strategy, and raise the level of green and low-carbon development of industrial enterprises.We will spare no effort to strengthen the trillion-yuan industrial system, effectively implement the “six return strategies,” and build a trillion-yuan automobile industry base and a trillion-yuan high-end equipment manufacturing base.We will fully implement the action of benefiting enterprises directly with policies to provide services to enterprises, and introduce “high gold content” policies to support the development and growth of enterprises with “real money and silver”.Innovation-driven Transformation and upgrading will foster new drivers of growth through innovation and promote high-quality development.In 2022, Changchun innovatively implemented the requirements of Jilin Province and Changchun City to vigorously promote the high-quality development of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises, and made efficient, accurate and continuous efforts in the construction of the five systems of scale, industry, innovation, platform and talent, sparing no effort to build the high-quality growth pole of “specialized and special new” enterprises.Read good enterprise take-off “innovation classics”.(File photo) Focus on the size of the total, to create the optimal training echelon.To speed up the construction of “six new industries” and “four new facilities” as an opportunity, this year the city will cultivate more than 200 “specialized and special new” enterprises, and promote more than 20 to the national “sprint”.At the same time, we will encourage enterprises with more than 150 households to “upgrade their regulations”, those with more than 50 households to “convert their regulations”, and those with more than 5 households to “go public”. We will strive to build a new pattern of diversified development with multi-point support, simultaneous development of multiple industries.Pay close attention to the chain cluster, to build the optimal industrial cluster.In accordance with the “city with chain, chain for strong city” “strong industrial chain and industry chain”, the principle of deepening the implementation of the key industrial chain length, speed up the rendering of primary, secondary, tertiary and parts suppliers “industry tree” figure, guide service key units “roadmap” precision investment, attract a batch of have “talents” specialization, “new” in the long investment in factories,We will develop a modern industrial system with higher standards and at higher levels.Focus on platform support and strive to create an optimal innovation ecosystem.Efficient production innovation alliance, solid-state batteries play a red flag alliance of industry, such as collaborative innovation center, set up research and development testing, pilot hatch, property transactions, information management and so on the whole chain, comprehensive, one-stop, professional specialization, “new” public service platform, accelerate the specialization, “new” incubation carrier construction, efforts to build “an hour innovation service circle”,Changchun’s scientific and educational advantages and scientific research advantages will be accelerated into economic advantages and industrial advantages.We will pay close attention to upgrading driving forces and ensure optimal funding.Seize the opportunity of establishing the city-level “1+6” industrial development fund with a total scale of 30 billion yuan, continue to empower and upgrade “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises around the goal of building a trillion and 600 billion level industrial cluster, and build a full-process capital service and guarantee system covering all stages of the cultivation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.Introduce more “source water” for the cultivation and expansion of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises.We will focus on attracting and training talents and make every effort to create an optimal development hub.Focusing on enterprise demand and talent trend, we will attract more r&d, management and technical talents for the development of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises.We will carry out the “great training, great lectures and great promotion” campaign to train and cultivate outstanding entrepreneurs with a global strategic vision, innovative management ability, a spirit of market exploration, a spirit of contract and a spirit of rule of law.We will cooperate with relevant departments to focus on vocational skills education, train more professional and technical personnel to meet the needs of industrial development, and build a contingent of skilled artisans of high quality.With “new responsibilities, new breakthroughs and new achievements”, Changchun Industry and Information Technology Bureau is forging ahead steadily in order to accelerate the all-round revitalization of Changchun in the new era.Under the guidance of the goal of “Three strong cities and three centers” and in accordance with the decision and deployment of changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Changchun will surely boost its vitality, enhance its cohesion and combat effectiveness, and make every effort to achieve revitalization and development.

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