With Harry and Andrew not receiving the Queen’s Medal, the Royal family is finally on the right track

Britain’s queen Elizabeth has been hesitant in their Bai Jinxi years medal awarded by the ceremony he reigned for harry, the medal is for all those who contribute to the royal family and the British members, although harry couple in a less respectable way left the royal family, queen Elizabeth still would like to invite two people to take their children to go back to the UK,Even for Bai Jinxi years medal awarded by harry, but now that the British royal family is not in the past, with the helplessness in queen Elizabeth at Windsor castle, she also understand to make royal restore cohesion, she can do is to make sweeping change, perhaps Charles and William asked some let her hard to accept,The Queen knows she did the right thing by cracking down on Andrew and Harry.Prince Andrew has recently been frustrated, he was very confident, not only did not worry about the charges in the United States, thought with the royal family activities to improve its image, at the same time to complete the return, but before queen Elizabeth to reign memorial ceremony, Andrew out by his mother, he recently is with his ex-wife left the royal residence,The duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been invited by Queen Elizabeth to attend her Diamond Jubilee ceremony, but neither of them will receive a white Gold Jubilee medal.The British royal family is a big tree, but now the big tree there are already a lot of problems, perhaps the problem is not a personal problem, but it is undeniable that prince Andrew and harry is the most typical two people, one of them with their own action to discredit the royal family, another is to challenge the authority of the royal family, so, in the eyes of Charles and William,Andrew and Harry are typical examples of the two men who need to be beaten down to change the image of the royal family, with Queen Elizabeth now wanting a successful coronation ceremony.Harry couple through the social platform openly want to return to the UK to visit members of the royal family, this is also to Elizabeth invited two people to reign memorial service response, harry may also think of themselves as the ceremony will also be able to get the royal equal treatment, but it turns out that harry think much, queen Elizabeth just invite him,She may have to check on Lilibette and Archie, but that doesn’t mean Queen Elizabeth has forgiven Harry, and he won’t be receiving a royal medal, as will Prince Andrew, who has been trying to use the royal influence to make a comeback but now appears to have been abandoned by his mother.Prince Andrew and prince harry are used to be a royal important molecules, but both of them is booted out, now seems to be the British royal family have the courage to change the status quo, but their problem is also Shared by members of the royal family, the royal family is too long, the British have been raising the members of the royal family, with money they don’t have much sense of responsibility and ambition,The royal family has disappointed the British people, and Queen Elizabeth knows that if she did give the medal to Prince Andrew or Harry, the Royal family would collapse with her departure.

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