There is an ancient street in Jiangsu province, dating back more than 1200 years. It is 378 meters long and receives 600,000 tourists annually

There is an ancient street in Jiangsu province, dating back to 1200 years ago, with a total length of 378 meters, which receives 600,000 tourists annually. Every time I visit the ancient town, I am always attracted by the buildings of the ancient town and the leisure life of the people there. The local people live a peaceful life in the ancient town, which is not possessed by modern people.So it will attract tourists from all over the world, rushing to the ancient town.In Jiangsu Anfeng ancient town, there is an old street with a total length of 378 meters. The ancient residential buildings look like a super beautiful picture scroll, which makes people yearn for.This old street is the anfeng Ming and Qing Ancient street at the southern end of the old street in Anfeng ancient Town. It is the most complete section of the seven-mile long Street in Anfeng ancient town.Only the middle section of the old street, still retained the SLATE street, street in total seven laneways, the old street can see the provincial cultural protection unit bao’s building, and wu’s ancestral hall, plus educationist Hou Xiangshi, enlightened people money dry, and celebrity painter Ge Xianglan’s former residence and so on.It is reported that The town of Tang Feng began to be built in the first year of Tang Kaifeng, and it has been more than 1200 years until now. At the beginning, Anfeng was named Dongtao, because it was located near the sea, it was often attacked by waves, and the local people lived a miserable life.It was not until the Northern Song Dynasty that Fan Zhongyan took part in the construction of fan Gong Dike again to resist the invasion of the sea tide. Since then, the ancient town was renamed Anfeng, which means “people, security and abundant things”.Anfeng Town is located on the ancient Salt river, also known as chuanchang River. As early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Anfeng Salt farm ranked first among the top ten salt farms in Huainan, belonging to the salt distribution center where merchants from all over the world gathered, and participated in the construction of thousands of shops, seven long streets and twelve and a half temples.Anfeng Ancient Street is also the hometown of wu Jiaji, a patriotic poet in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, and Wang Gen, the creator of Taizhou School. Zheng Banqiao, one of yangzhou’s eight eccentric people, once lived on the street for a period of time. Therefore, visitors to Anfeng Ancient Street will see the exhibition of Zheng Banqiao Life Hall.Now the old street to retain the better building is the Bao building, the building with exquisite, carved plain, well known layout.In order to highlight the northern Suzhou residential buildings and the ancient Emblem building integration of the building, the building by the warehouse, residential, pawnshop, garden, shops, banks combined together, covering an area of about 3,000 square meters, a total of 105 houses.In addition, there are yuan Chengye’s former residence, Cao’s courtyard, Hao’s ancient residence, Wu’s ancestral hall, Qian Weixiang’s former residence, Zhu’s courtyard, Wan’s ancient residence and so on distributed in nine ba ten ancient lane.Another surprise to visitors is that anfeng ancient Street often hosts traditional crafts, folk performances of various styles, folk artists’ performances and cheongsam shows.For this reason, the annual number of tourists to receive more than 600,000 people, so tourists fascinated by the old street, if you have time, are you willing to go?An ancient street in Jiangsu province contains 105 houses, 1,000 shops and 12 and a half temples

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