Surprised!147 is not the highest snooker score!

The normal maximum score for a single stroke in snooker is 147, but in theory, there is a situation where a single stroke can be higher than 147. Have you heard of that?If A fouls before all the red balls go into the pocket and gives A snooker to B, the referee declares A free ball, in which case B can choose any colored ball as the red ball to hit, scoring 1 point.Once the ball is in the bag, it needs to be pulled out and put back to the fixed position, and then continue to hit any colored ball to complete a set, so that there is a set of red balls and colored balls more than normal.So let’s assume that this set of red balls and colored balls is the highest score, 1 plus 7 points, then the highest single shot can be 155 points.Burnett scored 148 at the 2004 UK Championships, becoming the first player to break 147 in a professional tournament.Snooker single highest score of cold knowledge, you get it?If you are interested in this topic, please feel free to join Us in the comments section

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