Shandong: the new son-in-law came to drink lie down the woman’s three uncles net friend: don’t speak martial virtue

Shandong: the new son-in-law came to drink lie down the woman’s three uncles net friend: don’t speak martial virtue!Jinan: The new son-in-law came to the house and drank down the bride’s three uncles.Chinese wine culture is extensive and profound, the network has a good discussion of Where people in China will drink, there are shandong people speak, of course, shandong people, and listed a lot of examples.Related articles are also more, Shandong is the home of saints, is also a state of etiquette, more attention to etiquette, etiquette.During the Spring Festival, some sons-in-law come to visit, the family naturally attaches great importance to, to eat and drink well, to give a good impression of the uncle.In Jinan, Shandong province, a new son-in-law came to visit and drank the woman’s three uncles under the table.(According to Henan Traffic Broadcast, Xiao Elephant video, People’s Micro watch, NetEase, Sina) It is the first time for the son-in-law to visit, and it is also the first year of marriage. The woman’s family may not be able to drink much, so she has invited several uncles to accompany her.While the woman posted this video, the language seems to be relatively complacent.Some net friends said, the bride proud jiao?Does that mean you feel smug, you feel like your man has balls, energy, MEN, and girth?This woman is also Versailles and show off the meaning, their man useful, can drink down three, good wine, man!This is a newlywed, if married for many years, may be teasing, self-deprecating, criticizing his man, the husband is always others good, children that is their own line.Some netizens also said that the woman felt proud now and would cry in the future.The meaning of this net friend, may be good wine, love wine man perhaps beat his wife, perhaps will be a mistake, an accident.This is not impossible, at least, love drink, alcoholism, money costs a lot.Some netizens said that if you have status, you can drink status.In China’s eating and drinking culture, people who can drink have face and status, and things are easy to handle. Even in some previous work units, you can’t drink, and you can’t get on the table and do things.This son-in-law does not know how much can drink, drink to lie down 3, and away battle, perhaps wine quantity has 1 catty 2 catty, but likely next year old mother-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle, nephew, cousin cousin, cousin go up together, I am afraid that lie down will be son-in-law.A tiger can’t fight a pack of wolves, a dragon can’t fight a snake.Maybe, you know, they throw wine, water in wine.Some netizens think that young people do not speak wushu morality, little rabbit, do not want to live, and think that impolite things, this may be the woman’s family, are all elders, should not drink.A netizen on the Internet said, can you understand the pain of a man who is allergic to alcohol and finds an old father-in-law from Inner Mongolia?For the family, it may be the pain of a man who can barely drink, or who can drink, but meets a Shandong son-in-law who can drink too much.Videos and pictures show the elderly, also grizzled, shaking hands with their son-in-law in the courtyard like a proud general.Drinking is a matter of different cultures, in fact, a lot of times, are advocating casual, not how to climb wine, not how to persuade wine.No matter who, drunk, in fact, are uncomfortable, are bad for the health.In extreme cases, alcohol poisoning, going to the hospital to have a stomach pumped, and even shock and death occur.The bride’s family may be doing the friendship of the landlord, hospitable guests, to let the uncle drink well, drink happy, several uncle gray hair, also have to wear a suit, in fact, is helpless.Therefore, in this matter, we should advocate that wine is the fuel for fun, but should not be overburned, not to mention arson, reckless, playing with fire.Drink with virtue, take care of the elderly and sympathize with the weak. It is really good for everyone to drink well. It is not interesting to drink people down and make the world turn upside down.What do you think of this? Welcome to speak, exchange and discuss in the comments section!Keeping green forever (1198 words) | kundera media culture studios Daming lake other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.

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