Quality is lost!The little guest only left in a month, haigeng dam is now “fierce hand destroy gull”……

Kunming’s winter is more lively with the arrival of black-headed gulls!But there are always some people who do things that make people surprised…A man grabbed a seagull with his bare hands to take a photo at haigeng Dam, despite warnings from nearby residents.Footage taken by a member of the public shows a red-headed gull flapping as a man pinches its feet with his right hand.The man smiled unfazed by the gesture.Several of his friends also kept taking pictures for him, and one of them even leaned in to take a photo for himself.Witness Tang Said he was some distance away from the man grabbing seagulls, plus the dam wind was too strong, can not hear the other side of the accent.Only to see the man holding the seagull’s foot in his hand for more than a minute.Some citizens came forward to dissuade him, but the man did not pay any attention.It is understood that the site of the incident is located near the haigeng Dam dock.On the morning of February 10, the reporter also came to the dam, which was still very busy, and the citizens were immersed in the harmonious atmosphere of human gulls.When asked about the incident of tourists catching gulls and taking photos with them, many citizens expressed their anger: citizen: “We all like seagulls, but we should take good care of them. If we hold their feet like this, they may get hurt when they fly.”Citizen: “If people do this, the seagulls will not come again because they are frightened.”Citizen: “to punish him, is always a life.”Later, the reporter reported the situation to the Dian Wei Company, which is responsible for the security maintenance of the Haigeng Dam.Staff members said they arrange patrols every day, and if tourists catch seagulls, they will immediately stop them and hand them over to the forest police for further treatment.But because the dam is about three kilometers long and the activity is very short, it is sometimes not detected in time.In this case, I hope the public can help obtain evidence and find the nearest patrol members to reflect that they will be dealt with in time.For the man’s uncivilized behavior, they will forward the video to the forest police, for investigation.So group photo, quality dropped a ground!Fortunately, most people still care for black-headed gulls. Although the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end and the weekend has not yet arrived, people still come to haigeng Dam to watch and feed gulls in an endless stream.Citizen: “feel happy, feel happy, anyway we kunming is a beautiful spring city, seagulls everywhere, we are very happy.”Citizen: “Seagull we feel every year no matter how much love, for what reason, this elf so far to come is not easy, every year we more or less, although really far, but also to feed it once, friends are about to wear red to take photos.”In addition to local residents, black-headed Gulls also attract tourists from other parts of the country, who are very excited to see the flying creatures.Dalian tourist: “We have all heard that Kunming is famous for its seagulls. Kunming has a good climate, like spring all the year round. We have snow and ice in winter, which is very cold.We’ve been here twice now and in the first two days there were more people than this and the seagulls felt more flying than this. It was quite overwhelming.”Dalian TOURIST: “I’ve never met so many seagulls before, and I’m not afraid of people at all. It’s very interesting to interact with everyone.”Chengdu tourist: “OFTEN come here, Chengdu is also convenient, almost every winter from time to time to have a look, now this Kunming Dianchi seagull is famous all over the world, the climate is better, seagulls often come here in the future, we also come to travel.”Gull-watching season is coming to an end. Human gulls need to enter February, and red-headed gulls are getting closer and closer to their departure from Kun.The reporter learned from bird experts that black-headed gulls arrived in Kunming around October 14 last year. According to the convention, they stay in Kunming for about five to six months every year, so the time for them to leave Kunming is approaching, and the gull-watching season in Kunming is coming to an end.Wang Zhibin, deputy secretary general of kunming Ornithology Association, said, “Black-headed gulls in Kunming have started to change, and people can see it when they watch.A lot of the black-headed gulls have changed color, they’re a little bit darker, and they’re going to be breeding very soon, they’re going to moult now.Change the feathers from winter to summer, to breeding feathers.According to the situation of kunming for so many years, the black-headed gulls in the urban areas of Kunming, such as Cuihu lake, Great View Tower and Huanxi Bridge, will leave around March 10.They gather in the Dianchi Lake.Gull-watching at Haigeng Dam will last until early April.So this time is coming to an end, and I hope those who like gull-watching can go and watch it as soon as possible.”Those who want to interact with the elves will have to hurry up

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