Marriage and love godfather cut love road 150 save marriage 7-1 overall help to save?

Marriage and love godfather cut love road 150 save marriage 7-1 overall help to save?In front of six kinds of mud can not help the wall, now change the Angle of seven cases can be saved, the first kind of overall help: first, the so-called overall help, refers to the love, marriage and family, marriage and marriage after marriage to do the overall consideration of the people, belongs to the right path of love and marriage, this kind of talent really saved.Second, only those who can hold the holistic attitude of asking for help can have the opportunity to contact the teachers who deal with the holistic approach, and only the teachers who deal with the holistic approach are the teachers who take the right path and can really save people.Third, the so-called do not hold the whole for help, belongs to the state held by the vast majority of people, these people are like a child, in short, the pursuit of immediate satisfaction symptomatic treatment, no patience to do a comprehensive adjustment and cure, and play routine so-called emotional mentor smell congenial, each take what he needs, only in the present, not a good death.In short, in today’s China the whole marriage family emotion world, itself is inefficient and even can eat their marketing, is the lack of underlying logic, few can provide guidance on the whole, a handful, even with the teacher say so, also have endless so-called grow and learn, it is difficult to someone can really stay down,The vast majority of them simply dawdle on their work and do nothing.Why am I so proud and lonely?Because I am the only one who has mastered the overall underlying logic of Chinese people’s emotional life of marriage, love and family. How many people in the industry, not to mention ordinary help seekers, will believe that I can personalize a whole set of things sufficient for a lifetime family to you in 90 minutes +7 days if conditions permit?

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