“Dry goods experience” bottom ticket boarding experience sharing

What kind of bottom ticket can get on the train?What kind of bottom can’t be chased?Let’s talk about that today.Share some practical experience!First of all, I want to tell you, the function of time sharing has two for the main force: one, draw K chart with open price and close price two, use time sharing trend to guide opponent plate operation, or show muscle.The first is to plot the opening and closing prices.This should be very easy to understand, for example, a large order to hit down, and then pull up, draw a down lead, a large order to pull up, and then draw a shadow line.End dish the last big sheet high price clinch a deal pull up, drew a solid big Yang line!Then at this time we look at the K chart will use the reverse concept, here draw the positive line main want to let retail investors see what?What does the shade line want to let retail investor see again here?So general main force with the last monad to draw the entity Yang line is not a good omen, in the short term the stock price is very difficult to improve.Therefore, when you encounter the end of the abnormal move to pull up the drawing line, if you are short, you should consider leaving the field, which is often said that the end of the pull will be a monster (applicable to the general scene, except for special scenes, such as hot topics at the end of the game grab chip plate warming the next day).But for the long term, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing you can do about a major painting.The second time – sharing trend guidance.Share price is pulled sharply rise to lay down again immediately, basically be doing performance, a word describes is, fellow townman does not go, let individual investor have fantasy in the field, it is you see my actual strength much strong, want to pull pull, also attract outside capital entrance to receive dish at the same time.But eventually after this time – sharing trend, the stock price will have a new low!We take JTC J as an example, the share price on December 17 was as follows: during the main session, the share price rose from -1% to 3%, and then rose by 4%, but then fell slowly on the share.At that time, the background is the stock price has fallen to half a year near the line, the main force again such a show of muscle, retail investors will naturally have fantasy will not run away.And then the trend is like this (below) so, do small-cap stocks must use the idea of game, is that he goes this time and down, in essence, the main force can not do T also can not earn the difference.Then why are we going this way?Want to stabilize the retail market is to avoid in their own shipping retail gush, resulting in the collapse of stock prices.So when the main draw this performance time, short – term need to avoid, do not mind a hot chase in, late probability also fell!So what kind of bottom can get on the car?Want to buy in the starting point, we are going to observe the recent volume of the sun line, its time trend is what it looks like, we have to choose that a time out of the sun line each time go more stable that one.Like the following: The reason is simple!Time-sharing stability must be in the dish have to pay, have to pay to prove the sincerity and determination of the main chip collection, because out of this sincerity time-sharing needs a steady stream of real money and silver, a list he can not solve!So the main input a lot of real money and silver, with our industry terminology is called suction!This is the time that we can chase, or this is the bottom pattern that we can ambush.In the end, all the bottom of the starting point must be enough space to give the field capital out of the market, that is, we talk about the price up, the volume up, at the same time time is also very stable, you want to sell at any time can leave, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting funds.If it is a short-term spike, it will take time to digest.Don’t be fooled by the main force!㊗️ friends have a happy holiday!Senior financial practitioner, a focus not lost, so that you investment progress![pray][pray][pray][flash][flash][flash][flash]

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