Total installed capacity of 2.84 million kw!Gansu Power Investment Group to accelerate the development of clean energy

Gansu Power Investment Group has seized the opportunity of the national “double carbon” policy and accelerated the development and construction of clean energy. At present, the total installed capacity of clean energy has reached 2.84 million kw and 5 new energy projects with total installed capacity of 850,000 kW have been started.We are actively promoting the development and construction of Jiuquan Guazhou and Jinchangyuan Network storage integration park, comprehensive carbon neutral demonstration base and desert, gobi and barren beach wind power photovoltaic base, and the “green and low-carbon” development is more stable.Last year, units 1 and 2 of Gansu Power Investment Group Changle Power Plant, the first coal-fired power project with the largest single capacity of 1 million kW in Northwest China, generated 10.7 billion KWH of electricity and 10.1 billion KWH of online power, with more than 5,000 hours of utilization.At present, the project is accelerating the upgrading and expansion of the peak-regulating power station, and the construction of unit 3 and unit 4 is accelerating. It is expected that the main plant building will be closed, the plant is charged, the boiler heating surface installation will be completed by the end of this year, and the project will be completed and put into operation by the end of 2023.According to introducing, as the sole form a complete set of 800 kv QiShao HVDC project load thermal power projects, the four units power plant after full production, can drive the hexi area 40 billion kilowatt-hours a year of new energy to the “green power” in central China, become a new energy in hexi region stability, support for the construction of new power system out a strong support.Located in Hexi Region, Gansu Power Investment Group has implemented a series of energy-saving and carbon reduction technology transformation, and on the basis of guaranteeing winter heating in Hexi region, actively participates in the peak regulation of gansu power grid.Gansu Power Investment Group has built 25 hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 1.82 million kW in heihe river basin, Yellow River Basin, Taohe River basin, Datong River basin and Bailong River basin, providing a strong guarantee for “green electricity” transmission in the province.At the same time, gansu electric group “chain Lord” give full play to the province’s new energy industry chain enterprises, relying on the hexi area of existing thermal power peaking capacity and advantage, now starts building Jin Changhe qing beach 300000 kw 200000 kw photovoltaic, yumen ephedra beach, etc. 5 total installed 850000 mw of wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy project, the project plan with a total investment of about 4.8 billion yuan.In a never-ending layout production of “green power” at the same time, gansu electric cast group play the province “data” industrial chain enterprises, actively promote fusion data information and the depth of the energy industry, relying on jinchang zijin big data cloud industrial park and national beidou navigation data service development and construction of gansu branch, build cloud, save and calculate, intellectual operation data information industry chain,We will promote local consumption of green electricity in Hexi.At present, jinchang Zijin Cloud data center has been built with 2543 machines, and many data services such as “Tianyi Cloud” of China Telecom and “Jinchuan Cloud” of Jinchuan Group have entered online.Last year focused on jinchang purple cloud data center construction of 1.2 period, the singularity of government affairs, purple cloud cloud high performance computing center, gansu, tencent cloud node energy Internet platform 6 projects, such as running a purple cloud node, data disaster preparedness center and other four data platform, built the purple cloud data center high performance computing center,Fill the gansu province in the high-performance computing service capacity of the gap.

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