This is a truly effective blemish whitening essence

Spots and dark yellow is a skin problem in a lot of beautiful girls, some grow very beautiful but is have spots on the face, skin white and not enough, so become the ugly duckling, in fact as long as to get rid of dark yellow and brown spots, can become very beautiful, the pale spot and whitening, now recognized in essence, effective components is high, the effect is good, so popular,Is also everyone can light spot success of the hero, we give you check the real effective whitening light spot of the essence liquid list, ensure that you use after the skin bright white, gradually fade spots.Lancome Little Black bottle has a very good anti-wrinkle effect, and its stability and repair effect is super strong, every season, my skin will become dry and red, the little black bottle is like a savior, can be timely soothing, after a period of time, you will feel a lot of stability of the skin.It has a texture like egg white, which is easy to absorb, but it doesn’t feel sticky or muddy, and there’s no problem with adding other skin care products later on.Ze RuLan she jersey by crystal shes fullerenes essence oil jersey by crystal shes fullerenes essence oil is a trump card in law ze RuLan she brand sheet is tasted, is said to be the diva faye wong’s favourite, Diana wong’s own brand, this kind of essence oil is mainly caused give priority to dozen of efficacy, it is against the center of the earth essence contained platinum powder inside, specifically for anti-aging demand,Want to achieve tight skin fade fine lines of the skin crowd use, really adhere to the use of dilute fine lines visible to the naked eye effect.Essence oil my face very well absorbed, insist on a period of time, the skin will find more with more tight, it is the most main use feeling really amazing, very moisturizing, anti-aging effect of solid, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles on the face, jaw line and so on location to be able to cooperate with it targeted focus on care, stick to the skin will find more with more compact,It’s obviously much fuller.Elizabeth Arden Essence This essence is also one of my favorites, individually packaged, clean, out-of-pocket and easy to use.I hesitated before starting, because it was evaluated that it was more oily, but really using it will find that it is very moist. After absorption on the face, there is no sticky feeling, but it will feel that the skin becomes smooth. After a period of time, the skin will become fine and slippery.From its composition, anti-wrinkle effect is also very good, want to fight old essence liquid, choose it absolutely not wrong.FAVOLAREALTA anti-wrinkle cream around the age of 50 women fear most is a dark skin and it is easy to grow wrinkles, which essence is the major in this class, the essence contains the essence of the active gold, some relative to the facial wrinkles have very good prevention and fade, can have very good symmetry skin color effect.The texture of this essence is relatively clear, fast absorption on the face, and very moist at the same time, the next day the skin is able to see the change, the mouth of the small fine lines are obviously seen to dilute a lot, and before going to bed massage the whole face, slowly lower jaw line has come out, skin gloss has been promoted, girl feeling is full.Sulwhasoo Zi ying sheng ginseng rejuvenating essence dew sulwhasoo is a brand I like very much. Its skin care products have a touch of Chinese medicine flavor, which is very reassuring to use. This essence dew is also the same.It is translucent congeal frost quality of a material, more sticky, very moist, but without greasy feeling, oily skin also can be at ease with, won’t bring any burden to skin, won’t frowsty blain, suit autumn winter season to use especially.

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