The world: Luo Shibin was into the hospital, Zhou Bingkun will face prison, Zheng Juan door apology

Zhou Bingkun has a lot of problems in many people’s eyes, but in Zheng Juan’s eyes, he is a unique existence.Although began to marry Zhou Bingkun did not imagine the good, not only to take care of paralyzed in bed mother, but also to take care of several children’s food and daily life, all day is busy, but in his opinion, this is not hard, are their most willing to do, after all, Zhou Bingkun gave himself a complete home.It is also his efforts to Zhou Bingkun and Zhou mother, let zhou family gradually accepted his existence, no longer mention his past, the family also finally lived a stable life.All of which, with The reappearance of Robyn, has suddenly returned to the past.When he learned that he can no longer have children, he remembered the original Zheng Juan gave birth to the child, directly sent the most trusted water artful back to help yourself to the child, water artful a hand will zhou gu make people panic, see Zheng Juan for his advice indifferent, directly find zhou Nan.Zhou Nan because of the younger age, the idea is not careful, they believe that water artesian words, especially after knowing the value of water artesian, is more excited, he has always wanted to go abroad to study the idea, but with the strength and conditions of Zhou Bingkun, such a thing is completely in wishful thinking.Now the appearance of Luo Shibin brought him a glimmer of hope, and because of this, he had to Zhou Bingkun on their own good also began to shake, the in the mind want to recognize the idea of Luo Shibin father.Zheng Juan in know all this, for Zhou Nan he can not, he directly gave himself a slap in the face, said he did not discipline him.In the face of zheng Juan, Zhou Nan also gradually awake, slowly realized that they should not move such an idea, they refused to water artefacts.After knowing all this, Luo Shibin did not give up, directly back to find Zhou Bingkun, two people can not talk together on the dispute.LuoShiBin insult Zheng Juan unceasingly in words in this way, the thorough angered Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingkun without hesitation is to beat him, he was taken to hospital because of his injuries, and don’t intend to let Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingkun will face long prison, Zheng Juan after know, take in to apologize to LuoShiBin intercession, under in supplication,Mr. Locke dropped Mr. Chow.Zhou Bingkun at home, Zheng Juan saw his injury sobbing, they continue to comfort him, in The heart of Zhou Bingkun what is not as important as Zheng Juan, water artefact after experiencing so much, also gradually began to regret what he did.

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