Liling: 24 hours online guard a door to protect a city

Epidemic points send out, liling many forces gathered, upstream, defend the road and defend the city, for all, keep a city.Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is grim, and the inspection of epidemic prevention and control at high-speed jam is the first and most important barrier to prevent the imported epidemic.For further enhancing COVID – 19 outbreak “outside the input line, to ensure the safety of people’s physical health and travel, liling adhere to pass forward and strengthen source control, and provincial bayonet at 34 high-speed intersection set convenient service point, WeiJian, traffic, public security, traffic police, part of the straight, evaluated integratedly cadres and so on more than 400 people to a line,”Four shifts and three shifts” 24 hours on duty for Li personnel to conduct identity screening, code checking, nucleic acid sampling and other work.

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