Former Bybyte executive Liu Zhen left Genqi Forest for personal reasons, the company responded “to express understanding and respect”

March 31 – Liu Zhen, former vice president of Bytedance, has recently resigned from Genqi Forest, Sina Finance reported.”Daily economic news” reporters have officially confirmed the news with the vitality of the forest.According to the statement from The Company, Since joining the company, Ms. Liu Zhen has led the team to expand the global overseas market and achieved more achievements than expected.The company understands and respects her decision to leave the company for personal reasons.In October 2016, Liu joined Toutiao as senior vice president, according to public documents.Liu zhen resigned from Bytedance on May 29, 2020.In December of the same year, he joined Yuanqi Forest and worked for a total of one year and three months.Daily Business News

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