The most beautiful grassland in Gannan, named after the Yellow River and believed to be the source of the River, is located in Tibet

Welcome to my little world of travel, all over the mountains and rivers, all over the sea of yellow sand, just to share the beauty of this world with you. If you also like to travel, then follow my footsteps and set out with the camera!Said to the Yellow River, who do not know, as our mother river, but also gave birth to the children of the earth, in the same way, in the territory of China and a place where there is named after Huang Helai, here is located in the gannan region, besides not high elevation, Tibet has everything, these are all included, this is the song.Song and the meaning of the Yellow River in Tibetan, ma qu is considered part of the source of the Yellow River has become a place named after the Yellow River, in the qing dynasty years, once appear, drought and flood disasters, many of the Tibetan people will gather here, worship achelous, such a custom is used today, and manasseh in gannan here will also have the most beautiful grasslands.The Yellow River starts from here. At first, the water of the Yellow River was very clear, but when it passed through the Loess plateau, a large amount of loess poured into the Yellow River, which caused the Yellow River to become what it is today.In Maqu, the first bend of the Yellow River can be seen, and you can see how the Yellow River flows towards the sea.O plus warehouse wetland park, warehouse have wetlands and lakes, and snow mountain, visitors can see the masculinity in the north, also can see the jiangnan delicate, all for one, and stand here observation deck, also can see the scenery around, is the real wind grass see cattle and sheep, especially here also can see all kinds of wetland landscape,It’s like there’s a lot of romance involved.Since music is the source of the Yellow River, so here is to see some of the first bridge on Yellow River, the bridge is also known as, is the first bridge was built in 1979, the length of the bridge is two hundred and eighty meters, the bridge and two on the landscape, one is to see the sunrise, foil seems to be a general, another is the sunset,Can really discover the river falls yen.Tamar, of course, in addition to this place, there are other places, is also worthy of tourists to see, like the nyingma temple and so on, these are all belong to the beauty of the gannan prefecture, in here, can have more knowledge of gannan, especially can also have more understanding of the Yellow River, every year in August, it will also host a variety of activities, ever also someone seen after gannan,It is the birthplace of Adam and Eve, so for many tourists, it is absolutely possible to enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery here, especially can choose a suitable time to come here to participate in various activities, feel the enthusiasm of the local people in Gannan.Would you like a place like this?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you like traveling, be sure to follow me!To travel, follow me not lost!I am your good friend on the road!

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