The devil!Forced 54 people into a desert sauna, 3 were steamed to death!When he gets out, he wants to continue…

There is a man who is so rich that he is called a billionaire.He said celebrities and politicians are his close friends.He even tells you that if you sign up for his class, you can not only make money, but also keep fit.Sounds crazy, right?The Sun reported on a self-styled “success guru”, James Arthur Ray, an American man who appears to be glamorous and wealthy, but is actually a “success guru” who is a compulsive liar.In 2009, James Arthur Ray was jailed for manslaughter after three people were killed and 18 injured at a retreat he hosted.Now that he has been released, he wants to resume his business of selling his absurd theories to the public.On October 8, 2009, a girl rushed hysterically out of a tent camp in the Arizona desert, Shouting: “No!I don’t like it!Please!Please!”Soon after, another man ran out of the tent, crying, “I don’t want to die!Please don’t let me die!I’m dying!Oh, my gosh!”Workers outside the tent poured water on him desperately to try to calm him down.There were about 50 other people in the same situation.Some of them were lying on the ground, unable to move, or in a trance.They had paid a hefty £8,000 to attend a retreat run by James Arthur four days earlier, hoping to learn how to achieve success and wealth.But they did not expect a “death journey” waiting for them.Four days earlier, James Arthur was preparing to host an event in Sedona, Arizona, with a huge turnout.He is no stranger, having given motivational seminars, published books and even appeared on various popular TV shows.He advocated what he called “new thinking,” the idea that physical illness could be cured by positive thinking, and claimed that he could make himself immune to any illness by will power.He also combined motivational speaking with quantum physics.According to ABC News, James Arthur once said he used his theory to treat a paraplegic tennis pro.The professional tennis player is back on the court after spending thousands of dollars attending seminars with James Arthur and battling through the pain with a “strong will”.So, being such a “celebrity”, James Arthur has a lot of people who believe him.Kirby Brown, 38, took her life savings and drove there.Brandy Amstel, who has already spent more than £40,000 on James Arthur’s books, videos, seminars and more, has opted to attend.But unlike previous gatherings in luxury five-star hotels, attendees were surprised to find themselves walking down a dusty road to a cluster of shanty huts.No one had told them what the event would be, but when they heard what James Arthur had to say, everyone was shocked.He ordered all visitors to shave their heads and applauded when other people’s hair fell to the floor.The next day James Arthur walked in wearing a long white robe and announced to everyone, “I am God.”Then he organized a game of “samurai,” in which pairs of two lay still on the ground who said the word “death” first.A woman named Laura accidentally broke the rules and was left on the floor for more than five hours without even having dinner.When the game was over, James Arthur took them out into the desert. No one could eat or drink for 36 hours.”I thought I was going to freeze to death, then I felt sick from the heat and I swallowed the vomit,” Kirby Brown said.Everyone was exhausted and told it was nothing.James Arthur said they were about to enter a “sweat lodge”.”It is a sacred ritual, as old as time,” he described. “You experience death and rebirth.”Like a sauna built in the desert, James Arthur would pour hot water over the hot rock and 54 people would sit around it.”I felt a cloud of steam go into my body, up my throat and nose, and I felt like my whole body was on fire,” Brand said.Fifteen minutes later, James Arthur asked for more stones.At this point, Brand was unconscious and fell to the ground, and someone inside the tent started screaming.Laura felt relatively better, having been in the sauna before, which calmed her nerves somewhat.However, the addition of hot stones every 15 minutes became unbearable for everyone.But anyone who tried to leave was told by James Arthur: “Don’t give up, you are strong!”He added: “In order to survive, you must surrender to death.You have to tell yourself, if I’m going to die, it’s okay, because I’m not going to die.When my body dies, I will not die.”An hour later, Brand was unable to hold on.She began to cry, and when James Arthur was ready to join the stone again, she screamed and rushed out, shaking and vomiting.People began to crawl out, and one of Brand’s friends was carried out unconscious.”I tried to stay with her and check her breathing and one of the staff came up to me and said: ‘You need to leave her alone, that’s her experience.'” ▲ James Arthur, One of the participants, was in the open space at the entrance. There was foaming and screaming.When the steam cleared, workers found the bodies of Kirby Brown and James Shore on the floor of the sweat lodge.When the medical staff arrived, they even thought it was the scene of a cult’s collective suicide.”I don’t know what happened. It was like a cult. I saw women with shaved heads walking around like zombies.””People seemed to be staying indoors voluntarily until they were steamed to death.”Four months after the Sun incident, James Arthur was arrested and charged with three counts of manslaughter.However, this is not the first time such incidents have occurred.According to ABC News, a woman attending a James Arthur seminar was killed when she jumped from the third floor of a San Diego shopping mall during the event.Colleen Conaway learned about James Arthur’s theory and wanted to know “how to get rich, have fun and lose weight.”Shortly after taking the online course, Colleen, who has never traveled far from home, flew to San Diego. “I’ve never felt happier,” she told her sister on the phone. “James told me the more you try, the more you get out.”The next day, Colleen, at James Arthur’s request, was dressed as a homeless person and dropped off in downtown San Diego. Her phone, ID card, and money were taken away. No one knew what they had been through, and they had no idea how many days they would be homeless.Hours later, Colleen jumped from the mall.But even then, the rest of the group didn’t stop working, and it wasn’t until late afternoon that they learned that one of their members had committed suicide.”There is no evidence that Mr James Arthur caused Colleen’s suicide,” his company said in a statement.James Arthur escaped justice that time, but the tragedy of the Arizona desert finally sent him to prison.But only 20 months later, James Arthur was out of prison and back in the public eye, demanding that his civil rights be restored and his guilty verdict quashed.None of this is going to sit well with the families of the “sweat lodge” victims.He inflicted indelible trauma on countless families, at little cost to himself.”He can disagree and make his life better, but the rest of us still live in pain,” said the mother of one victim.The same is true for Colby Brown’s mother, who is hosting a series of out-of-cult self-help workshops in memory of her daughter and wants to help more people as a mother.”I want people to live like my daughter, not die like her. I want her death to serve as a warning to others to save their lives.”Colby Brown’s mother said.(Original title: Forced 54 people into the desert sauna, 3 people were steamed to death!The United States “success master” by fooling crazy money) to select ◉ official xuan!Anhui Normal University Hefei Campus is here!◉ just announced!One asymptomatic infected person has been reported in Anhui.◉ snow!Will attack Anhui again!

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