Qingdao City Transport customer service staff stick to their posts and accept more than 1800 requests from citizens within 5 days of vacation

February 5th (reporter Gu Zhengyuan) “Hello, city Transport Holdings 96650 service hotline, how can I help you?”Every morning at 6 o ‘clock, the city transport Holding Group customer service center telephone personnel began a busy day of wiring work, has been sticking to 9 o ‘clock in the evening.The Spring Festival holiday was originally a time for families to get together, but they still work in shifts to provide quality services for the public with their responsibility and commitment.(source:According to statistics, from January 31 to February 4, 2022 (Lunar New Year’s Eve to the fourth day), the hotline 96650 has received more than 1,800 requests for consultation, help, praise and suggestions from citizens, including more than 10 requests for help, more than 60 requests for praise, more than 1,400 inquiries and more than 300 opinions and suggestions.The business scope covers bus passenger transport, long-distance lines, sightseeing buses, car repair, vehicle rescue and other business segments.Dazed on the car, the little girl in the driver’s help to find her grandmother “thank you so much, thanks to the driver master ah!”January 31, the city transport hotline 96650 received a call from the public praise.A little girl got on a No. 206 bus after mistaking a stranger for her family while waiting with her grandmother on January 31.After getting on the bus, she found that her grandmother was not in the car. The girl was so worried that she almost cried. She immediately asked the driver Ning Peng for help: “Uncle, my grandmother is missing.”‘Did you get in by yourself?Do you remember grandma’s phone?”Ning Peng then stopped the car by the roadside and explained the situation to the passengers.After dialing the phone number provided by the little girl, the driver and the girl’s grandmother agreed to wait at the next station. Two or three minutes later, the girl’s grandmother arrived to meet the girl. At this point, Ning Peng was relieved to drive away and continue to put into the bus operation.”Thank you, driver.I was so careless that I almost lost my child during the New Year!Thank you so much!”On February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, a citizen surnamed Wang called 96650 city transport hotline for help.”I lost my cell phone on the bus. Can you help me find it?It’s full of photos and personal information.”Hearing an anxious voice on the other side of the microphone, the operator rushed to calm him down and help Wang recall, providing relevant vehicle information and taking notes.It turned out that the passenger took the Dongjiakou Qinggang train early in the morning to go on duty, as a result of getting off in a hurry, mobile phone slipped from the pocket, left in the car.The operator immediately contacted the relevant business units, and the first time to contact the driver through the phone, only one hour for the passengers to find the lost mobile phone, to avoid the loss of property and precious materials, so that the passengers had a “comfortable year”.To help the accident vehicle called trailer, claims, maintenance, “matchmaking” very busy during the Spring Festival, not to drive out to visit relatives, party owners, on the road to scratch and then unavoidable.Customer service center also received a lot of car owners seeking quick claims, trailer, vehicle maintenance and other needs, are the first time to notify the nearest quick claims center and repair shop, etc., for anxious owners to solve the “urgent”.(Source: Qingdao City Transport Holding Group) There are many foreign tourists who are not familiar with road conditions and are not good at using smart phones. After learning about the 96650 hotline, they have come to consult their travel routes. How to take a bus quickly to scenic spots and shopping centers?”Customer service little sister” all give the best route to travel.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, city hotline 96650 will have to accept the problem, “walking on two legs” measures, provided by the relevant units to belong to the repair order, telephone inform relevant units, quickly and efficiently handle people’s emergency opinion and the suggestion, with more high-quality service safeguard citizens have a peaceful Spring Festival, with the “smile” in the receiver, transfer city transport service temperature.”Hello, chengyun Holdings 96650 service hotline, may I help you?”Every morning at 6 o ‘clock, the city transport Holding Group customer service center telephone personnel began a busy day of wiring work, has been sticking to 9 o ‘clock in the evening.

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