Manchester United team-mates took sides over the Greenwood incident, and there was discord in the dressing room

The case of Manchester United winger Glenn Greenwood, apart from his own troubles, has divided the united dressing room.Mason Greenwood has been suspended from Manchester United football Club despite being released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He has been banned from the club by various sponsors and has been unfollowed on Instagram by teammates including Cristiano Ronaldo.British news, local media reported the sun greenwood event to split the united dressing room, because some players think before greenwood is proved to be guilty, he is still innocent and should not reject him, but now there are players began to distance herself from greenwood, let the other players think must also do so.A source said one Manchester United player was particularly angry: “The police have yet to decide whether there is enough evidence to charge Greenwood, so some people close to him feel it is time to let the justice system speak.”

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