He is in Chang entrepreneurship core technology to fill domestic gaps

VR, mobile Internet of Things, double Gigabit, cloud universe pilot zone, 365 days open, 5G network city…Since this year, based on the development of jiangxi provincial party committee and government, the new bearing, a new phase, grasp the new situation, new trends, vigorously implement the digital economy and stronger development project “number one”, business environment optimization reform of “number one project” double “number one project” painted a Jiang Xiyong best “challenge, forge ahead the era of new picture.S information daily/daily reporter Xie Mengli client/policy support Enhance careers determination on February 15, the reporter comes to located in nanchang hi-tech industrial development zone of nanchang cloud appropriate technology, the company is introduced in the digital economy in jiangxi enterprises, in 2018, located in nanchang, is mainly engaged in large data model algorithm is developed.Zhang Qijie, chairman of the company, praised Nanchang to reporters: “Nanchang has great support for talents and is very livable. I hope more people will come to Nanchang to start businesses.”Qijie Zhang is a doctor of Atmospheric Pollution Chemistry and Environmental Physics of Paris 7, France. He has been selected into the National Talent Plan, the Entrepreneurship Support Plan for Returned Overseas Students of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Talent Plan of Jiangxi Province and the Hongcheng Plan of Nanchang city.”I settled down in Jiangxi province because I participated in the activities of overseas doctoral trips to Jiangxi organized by jiangxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and learned about the policies of China, especially Jiangxi province, for returnees studying abroad.”Talking about the original intention of returning to China to start his own business, Zhang Chi-jie said that he was a Chinese and it was an honor to make contributions to the country when he had achieved his academic achievements. The domestic policies also strengthened his determination to return to China to start his own business.”When we first came back to Nanchang, we were successfully selected into the ‘Hongcheng Plan’ and obtained a three-year discount of free office space.In terms of start-up capital, the national, provincial, municipal and district governments have given great support.And many applications are processed online, which is extremely convenient and efficient.”Talking about the biggest feeling of jiangxi entrepreneurship, Zhang Qijie said: “Jiangxi attaches great importance to talents, and vigorously propagandize for us, greatly improving the visibility of enterprises.”More than three years have passed. Now, with the strong support of Qijie Zhang and other founders and the corresponding help from jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, the company has served 10 provinces and cities in China, and built a number of innovative typical projects in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangxi. In terms of technological leadership and innovation,It is the first initiative to dynamically restore the pollution impact process through the meter-level atmospheric environment model, and to trace the sources and emissions of air pollutants, odors and greenhouse gases, so as to distinguish the sources of various emission types and strengthen the pertinence of pollution reduction.Their core technology has filled the domestic gap and is in the international leading level.The resolution of the grid is equal to the highest international level and exceeds the domestic kilometer level.In the traceability, it can simultaneously trace multiple pollution emission sources, which is the leading level at home and abroad.Figure – related 3D simulation, simulation technology and 3d dynamic data visualization are the first ones at home and abroad.Nowadays, Zhang Qijie has fallen deeply in love with Nanchang, a city with rich accumulation and weak development. Especially this year, jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government promoted the double “No. 1 Project”, which gave him more hope.The company broke through the pattern of long-term monopoly of jiangxi market by enterprises outside jiangxi province for the first time, and helped the coordinated development of digital environmental protection and economy in Jiangxi province.The cloud platform for the compilation of pollution emission source inventory established by Zhang Qijie’s team in Jiangxi province has been applied in nanchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone and other places. The data analysis made by zhang Qijie is one order of magnitude higher than the precision required by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment.Qijie Zhang’s team has also cooperated with East China Institute of Technology, Nanchang Institute of Technology and other universities to train a number of masters and doctoral talents in the field of digital economy.Zhang Qijie said that he would give full play to his professional advantages and train talents for Jiangxi’s innovation.

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