Dream westward Journey: where do you need to see the number?

What do I need to see with a five open number?A lot of elder brother want to play five open, but they will not match, today five steps to give you a detailed talk, with five open, what do you need to see?First, character cultivation.A: This property is displayed without mount and with equipment on the body, if the second after the mount can be added to the property.2: Gain experience refers to how much experience you have, which is directly usable experience. Some level 159 can be directly upgraded to level 175.Three: the number of new qian Yuan Dan refers to the number of Dan opened by eight strange channels.Four: the history of the door refers to: before added what door, if you want to turn the original door, the need for jade is very little, only 10% of the normal jade.Five: already used potential fruit refers to: is already eaten how many potential fruit.Six: total experience refers to: how much experience has been gained, billions of experience is to see this.Seven: the number of character cultivation refers to: the number on the left represents the current cultivation, the number on the right represents the upper limit of cultivation, this is very important.Eight: the number of call beast training refers to: how much is how much, this is also very important.Nine: can see whether there is a yard, pasture and so on.Ten: show how many three realms of merit, replica points, artifact points, this is also important.Second, skills.On the left are the master skills, on the right are the auxiliary skills, which are also very important, and below are the story skills.Again, props, magic weapons.One: what you have on you is what you have on you, and what you don’t have on you is what you have in the prop column. Two: you can see all the magic information, such as the heavy Ming war drum.Again, summon the beast.You can see the type of summoner, the level, the summoner equipment, this is also very clear.Again, mount, auspicious.The left is limited auspicious, the right is general auspicious, do not increase the attribute, is good-looking.Again, jinyi.Jinyi does not increase attributes, is good-looking, 50 open dispensable.Summary: this is what you need to look at when you match the five-open number, the rest is not needed to look at.

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