Chiping police business small cases attentively, with police heart warm the hearts of the people

There is no trivial matter in the interests of the masses.Chiping Public Security Bureau has been practicing the police philosophy of “leaning one step forward and taking the initiative”, focusing on the main responsibility and business, focusing on the small cases of people’s livelihood and making efforts to detect and prevent small cases and collect stolen goods and pull back damages, to promote the prevention and improve the sense of security satisfaction of the masses.Chiping Public Security branch cracked a mountain bike theft case on April 7, and the suspected offender voluntarily surrendered to the police for education and persuasion.At noon on April 5, Mr. Zhang of a community in Chiping city district found that a mountain bike worth more than one thousand yuan was stolen parked in the corridor, and immediately dialed 110 to report to the police.Zhenxing police station and the branch of the synthetic combat center closely cooperate, the first time to take the scene of the surveillance video, trace the suspect’s trail of action.Early in the morning of April 6, the police in the view of more than ten hours of surveillance video, according to the scene visit investigation and video tracking clues, identified the suspect is a 34-year-old man jia, and determined jia has returned to the East.The police went to the east to carry out the work, in the east with the police to find jia home, jia’s wife speaks policy and law, through the ideological work of his wife.On April 7, Jia, accompanied by his wife, turned himself in to the zhenxing police station and handed over the stolen bicycle to the police.Chiping Public Security bureau Hutun police station receives a report from a villager surnamed Liu at 10:50 am on April 3 that a carrier pigeon he has been raising has been stolen.Liu told the police that a carrier pigeon was not worth much money, but he liked it very much and hoped the police could help find it.Police understand his mood very much, after consulting video surveillance and visit investigation, the same day will be solved.After investigation, on April 2, Hutun town villagers Tian out for a walk, found that Liu raised in the pigeon cage in a pigeon product is relatively good, they initiated the idea of stealing the pigeon home.Around 8 p.m., Tian took advantage of the darkness and few passers-by to steal the pigeon.After the police found Tian, Tian at first also every possible denial, refused to admit, after the police criticism of education, to truthfully confessed their illegal facts.Police found stolen pigeons in tian home, timely return to Liu.Police remind: hope residents to strengthen security awareness, pay attention to take good care of personal belongings.When parking bicycles, motorcycles and other personal transportation vehicles, please try to choose a supervised or public video area, parking will be locked, to avoid property loss.If stolen, please call 110 immediately!

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