Bullish market, private lift from the purchase tide!The largest from magic quantization, invested 350 million yuan

Not only public funds, private equity also set off a wave of self-purchase on the eve of the Spring Festival.January 29, Lin Park investment, Ling Jun investment announced from the purchase.The biggest trick, however, comes from magic square quantization.Magic square quantitative post on January 28, said out of firm value for China’s economy and the long-term confidence in capital markets, magic square quantitative and all employees, shareholders decided to do that with its own funds to support the a-share market, planning to collect 350 million yuan in 10 trading days total, used to purchase the company’s products, all the rights and interests of the a-share market asset classes and investment.After public funds and a number of star fund managers jumped to buy, the head of private equity also began to sell.On January 29, Lingjun investment said that based on the confidence in the long-term healthy and stable development of China’s capital market and the business determination of the company’s investment and research ability of continuous iteration, on the basis of the long-term investment company’s strategies, Lingjun investment Company and its shareholders will increase the capital of 150 million yuan with their own funds from now on.Within 5 trading days, we will purchase the quantitative stock selection strategy and other product lines issued by various cooperative agencies on a commission basis, and hold them firmly for a long time.Linyuan Investment also announced on the same day that it would apply to purchase its fund products with its own capital within 30 trading days from today, with a total amount of not less than 50 million yuan and hold it for not less than 3 years. The final application result shall be subject to confirmation by the fund registration agency.According to private volleys of incomplete statistics, as of the end of January, including magic square quantification, Lin investment, spirit, han and capital, JingLin assets, nine of investment, HeFu, wing on national wealth, eight billions private-equity managers, yihong is assets, pan yao assets and two 5 billion – level 10 billion private-equity manager announced that since the purchase,About $1.025 billion is planned.Jinglin Investment plans to purchase not less than 100 million yuan, Yong ‘an Guofu, Hanhe Capital, Jiukun Investment are also ready to buy 100 million yuan.Optimistic future market, February rebound can participate in the purchase of private equity in addition to the announcement plan to use the amount of funds have also said that the purchase part of the holding time at least 1 years;Some organizations stressed that they will continue to increase the number at an appropriate time.It is not hard to see them supporting a-shares and sticking to the concept of long-term value investing.Hanhe Capital said that the purchase is based on the firm optimism about the long-term development of China’s capital market, and the company has full confidence in its investment ability.On the one hand, this reflects the corporate responsibility of the company as a leading enterprise in the industry;On the other hand, it also allows customers to see more long-term, more firmly with the value of the vision of long-term investment.In fact, for the A – share market after the Spring Festival, many institutions are optimistic.Chen Guo, chief strategy officer of Citic Jiantou Securities, said recently that with the Federal Reserve meeting held, the market risk aversion concentrated release, from the fundamentals and market factors, the a-share market counterattack conditions have been met.Founder Securities also believe that the current a-share market adjustment has come to an end, after the Spring Festival in February market is very worth looking forward to.Historically, the a-share market has A high probability of rising in February. In the 22 years from 2000 to 2021, the probability of the Wind index rising in February is as high as 77%, which is the month with the highest probability of rising in all months.Value investing is the Friend of Time Some investors have pointed the finger at quantitative institutions for recent market volatility.To this kind of rumor, quantitative private placement in succession “shout injustice”.Magic square quantitative said in the release that the recent market rumors, quantitative institutions collective liquidating positions led to the market decline, “we have communicated with several large managers in the industry, all said that there is no such thing, I hope you do not believe the rumor.”Lingjun investment also said that there was no exchange in the industry, during this period, Lingjun investment has no net selling operations.Since 2022, some private fund products have had a good trend.Qianhe’s China Resources Trust — Yunfeng 7, which is managed by Wang Yawei, returned 7.92 per cent.According to private volleys of network analysis, ya-wei wang open and mainstream fund managers, there exist certain differences with its hold a certain proportion of Hong Kong, and some products in particular point will use the stock index futures, securities tools such as moderate risk hedge, so he open years out of the management of the product and the vast majority of star managers entirely different movements.In addition, value investing is on track for a bright start to 2022.”Citic Trust Gao Yi Xin Heng Guo Lu Enjoy phase 1 Financial Investment” by Qiu Guolu of Gao Yi Asset has gained 7.26% so far this year, outperforming the market.Qiu Guolu said that value investment is the friend of time, and investment is never an easy thing.The simplest thing to do in investing is to try to return investment to its roots, to eliminate the false and retain the true, to buy cheap good companies, to pay attention to the margin of safety, to pay attention to the pricing power, to abandon the others, to find the winner in the already decided industry.

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