A colorful variation of ancient rhyme (protecting cultural heritage and bringing out the new meaning of The Times)

A still of Qi Tianle.A still of China Tide Music by China National Orchestra.”China tide music” program group for the performance of tu Zizhi music club stilts.Creative songs and forms of expression, exploration close to modern aesthetic presentation, and constantly broaden communication channels…In recent years, folk music has been bringing forth new ideas to win the favor of more audiences with attractive and young expressions.And live in the space station astronaut Wang Yaping line performance, so that folk music in heaven and earth together;With five thousand years of history crisscrossed, let the folk music story onto the stage;With the help of XR (expanding reality) and other high-tech means, let the folk music sound good, beautiful……On the stage of this year’s CCTV Lantern Festival gala, the creative folk music show Qi Tian Le, performed by the China National Orchestra, made our eyes shine.In recent years, more and more people have deepened their understanding and love of The excellent traditional Chinese culture with the popularity of the national style and the national trend. The traditional folk music, which was relatively small in the past, has also gained more attention, and has been innovating in content creation and expression forms to win the favor of more audiences.With the landscape, qin, Ruan, xiao, Sheng and drum appear successively.At the turn of the background picture, the Silk Road camel bell and the Western Regions Market gradually appear, and the harp, erhu, suona, Harp and Capricorn drum play the melody.Then, the program reached a climax in pairs of “guqin”. Finally, 40 performers showed the beauty of instrumental music and singing on the same stage, ending qi Tianle.”The idea and form of Qi Tianle are completely new,” said Zhao Cong, head of the Orchestra.Each instrument can be associated with a historical figure, and each figure can be associated with a story.Zhuge Liang touched the Harp, Ruan Xian diao Ruan, Li Ping played konghou…”Qi Tian Le” recreates these characters one by one and combines them with instrumental music performance to present an extremely creative folk music program on the stage.Apart from the program itself, Qi Tianle also uses XR technology to create a virtual environment of human-computer interaction, which makes the audience feel as if they are under the stars, in the mountains and rivers and inside the Dunhuang grottoes, bringing a shocking and immersive experience.Qi Tianle is not the first time that the ORCHESTRA has explored “tradition + fashion”.This year on January 6, “Beijing” Olympic cultural festival and the 22nd “meet” Beijing international art festival opening ceremony party, the central national orchestra and suzhou symphony orchestra, has formed a “folk music and symphony” hundreds of band lineup joint performance, through the China story and excellent traditional culture of innovation, using the virtual reality, stage technology such as holographic images,Realize the integration of art and technology innovation.”The audience’s recognition of our achievements gave us great encouragement and encouraged us to continue to tell the Chinese story.”Zhao Cong said, in recent years, the central national orchestra constantly explore the transformation of traditional folk music creative and innovative development, the orchestra has been boldly walk on the road of new folk music to explore, to stick to keep positive innovation, on the basis of inheriting traditional, all-round, multi-dimensional to lead the creation of national music, the road of innovation and creativity, is committed to establish national music good to listen, good image,Expanding the development path of folk music.Close to the aesthetic of The Times, explore the vivid expression of light yellow background such as rice paper spread, musicians wearing red round collar robe, mugyi green jacket, pale pale silk shirt, or playing guqin, or flute, or beat the drum……Playing traditional Chinese instruments, the music was the theme song of The movie Harry Potter and Bach’s Aria on the G String.The short video of the Youth Chinese Style Orchestra is like a “moving ancient painting”.Whether it is The Tang Dynasty Hu Qu or the Song Dynasty Yayue, the video combines traditional and modern in just a few minutes, making people feel like swimming in a painting.In 2014, Zhu Li Yue, a guqin lover, and his friends founded the Club to promote traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, mainly guqin.Now, the scale of qin club is slowly growing, more and more young people join in, launched a series of folk music works.Guqin is one of the oldest plucking instruments in China, but only a few dozen melodies are familiar to the public today.”When promoting traditional art, we are constantly exploring how to be close to modern aesthetics and appreciation habits.””We want to express the understanding of young people today and make guqin ‘come alive,'” zhu said.In order to break through the monotonous pattern of guqin solo and make it easier for the public to accept and remember the guqin melody, the works of Zizhouqin Association gradually formed the existing small ensemble mode.It is like a modern band, with melodic di and xiao, harmonic guzheng and Zhongruan, atmosphere rendering guqin, and percussion to bring a sense of rhythm.In addition to playing music, they also use visual expression to enhance the musical atmosphere and engage multiple senses.In 2019, the Company combined traditional musical instrument performance with costume restoration, shot a video of national style, and posted it on social media platforms.On the basis of playing guzheng and guqin in the original music, they added frame drum, small percussion, flute and song bowl, and asked the musicians to wear traditional costumes and sit in a row to play.After the video was released, the number of views quickly exceeded one million.This unique band uses the model of “assembling guqin with ancient instruments” to play ancient instruments, adapt traditional famous songs and modern music, and explore the use of modern communication methods to lead traditional folk music “out of the circle”.According to incomplete statistics, the video of the music club has been played over 100 million times. This group of young people are attracting the attention of the world with national Musical Instruments.”This is what we expect to see,” said Zhu. “Only by bringing these ancient instruments to life can they survive and develop better.”At the same time, feng Mantian, the Zhongruan performer, and Cui Junzhi, the harp performer, cooperated with the players respectively, and the encounter of different instruments aroused different effects;Yang Bowen, a young man born in the 1980s, combined shakuhachi with electronic sound, and the audience expressed their love with danmu.Folk music is presented to the public in a novel way, and there are many similar “famous scenes” in the music variety show China Chao Yin.In recent years, folk music has appeared more and more on the screen.From “New Folk Music Chinese Style Night” with folk music as the protagonist to show the cross-border integration of folk music with lion dance, opera, poetry, etc., to “Grand Ceremony of Chinese Music”, a variety show that has been broadcast for four seasons, it is still changing its form and its popularity is not decreasing. Variety shows and various kinds of parties are increasingly becoming a new way of spreading folk music.Out of the theater and stage, folk music reaches the audience in more diversified forms and more diversified channels.More and more programs present the collision and fusion of folk music and various cultural elements to explore the young expression of folk music.For example, “Grand Ceremony of Traditional Chinese Music” constantly tries new presentation ways and narrative structure of traditional Chinese music by adapting popular music, creating new traditional Chinese music and introducing scenario-based instrumental music plays.In Chinese Tide Music, ruan, drum, bamboo flute, guzheng, chime bell, suona, shakuhachi and other ethnic Musical Instruments appear in turn, and are combined with electric sound, pop, folk music, rap, opera and other elements.Meng Qingguang, chief producer of “China Tide Music”, said that he hoped to show the excellent traditional Chinese culture with the most popular means of musical expression popular with young people. “We expect young people to have new feelings and dialogue with traditional music and instruments.”On the basis of audio-visual enjoyment, the program also sets up a special segment to popularize the knowledge related to traditional Musical Instruments for the audience. “We hope to break the boundaries of the circle and make the essence of traditional culture accessible to more audiences.”Meng qingguang said.”In the past, music programs were mostly based on the aesthetic of pop music, but now the emergence of classical music programs such as folk music has brought audiences a sense of freshness.”He Tianping, deputy secretary-general of the Film and Television Art Committee of the China Television Art Exchange Association, believes that such programs creatively perform contemporary interpretation of classics, and make traditional and classic popular through new expressions of musicians, new interpretations of musical attitudes and new presentation of audio-visual technology.”The charm of folk music can last as long as it finds the right form to connect with the present.””He Tianping said.(Zheng Haiou, Cao Lingjuan, Cao Xuemeng) People’s Daily (April 06, 2022, 11th edition)

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