What does the Three Gorges Dam mean?This hydropower station built by China with a huge sum of money is of great difficulty

LiangHeKou hydropower stations in recent years, domestic hydropower project has been taken off, so to speak, not only gave birth to a crane beach east Germany such as super hydropower station, had appeared in sichuan Tibetan areas is of the highest dam, it is LiangHeKou hydropower station, to know China the size of the construction of the hydropower station, the difficulty is not generally big, in front of it, the three gorges dam is not what?So how difficult is it to build? Are nine world records really beating the Three Gorges Dam?Lianghekou Hydropower station is the largest comprehensive hydropower project in Tibetan areas of China, with the highest earth-rock dam of 295 meters in China.LiangHeKou hydropower station to know LiangHeKou hydropower station is located in sichuan province ganzizhou yajiang county, located in the yalong river, the construction of the hydropower station in China, many people don’t understand, because in the western region population quantity few, and less power consumption, and investment LiangHeKou hydropower station is very huge, plus the construction difficulty is very high, even some experts said,With an annual capacity of about 11 billion kilowatt-hours, or about one-tenth of the Three Gorges dam, it is hardly a bargain.LiangHeKou hydropower station, but as the jinsha river and the Yangtze river upstream hydropower station, LiangHeKou dam, has produced profound influence to the whole Yangtze river valley, although know hydropower belongs to clean energy, but it’s also obvious, that is affected by seasonal rivers flow is very big, in the dry season, generating capacity will drop dramatically, and LiangHeKou after the completion of the dam,It will form a huge reservoir, which can effectively regulate the flow of the Yangtze River and ensure the power generation of hydropower stations in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and increase their shipping value during the water shortage season.LiangHeKou hydropower station, of course, produced by the electric power resources will not be wasted, you know, China has built China’s pipeline project, so here to generate electricity, can be continuously sent to the eastern region, in order to meet the demand in the coastal area, the power station dam, supporting by or domestic highest rockfill DAMS, for this kind of dam, the outside world do not look good, actuallyBecause it uses earth and rock as its main materials, it is obvious that the quality of the dam is far inferior to that of a reinforced concrete dam, but China has adopted special construction techniques that allow the Lianghekou dam to last for more than 100 years, even in the event of an earthquake.LiangHeKou hydropower station and its LiangHeKou accumulated experience in dam construction, can also be used on other hydropower station in Tibet, because of the need of energy upgrade, China must build more hydropower station to meet domestic demand, so the ink to take off the area in Tibet, China is going to further construction of hydropower station, like LiangHeKou position,Building DAMS on the Brahmaputra will also have to overcome transport problems that have made it difficult for large construction machinery and materials to reach the river. Lianghekou’s success will make this less of a problem.The construction of the Lianghekou hydropower station fully demonstrates China’s infrastructure strength. At the same time, China’s hydropower projects are constantly going abroad. More and more countries can see the hydropower stations built with China’s assistance, and more countries can realize energy upgrading.

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