The total number of blueberry fruit cake colonies in Luyuan Apiculture of Greater Hinggan Mountains exceeded the standard

On April 7, 2022, Heilongjiang Province Market Supervision Administration issued a notice on 9 batches of food unqualified (the 12th issue of 2022).Among them, the greater Hinggan Mountains Jiagedaqi District Yuxin Jia Mountain native products shop sales of the designated Greater Hinggan Mountains Luyuan Bee Industry Co., LTD. Production of blueberry fruit cake (production date:On September 2, 2021, 150 g/bag, Honeycommander + letter trademark), the total number of colonies does not meet the provisions of the national food safety standards, the inspection results are 8.2×10³,9.5×10³,8.4×10³,8.7×10³,8.8×10³ CFU/g,The standard values are N =5, C =2, M=10 ³, m=10 ⁴ CFU/g.The total number of bacterial colonies is an indicator of microbial index, which is used to reflect the health status of food.The total number of bacteria in food exceeds the standard, which will destroy the nutrition of food and accelerate the spoilage of food.According to the National Standard for Food Safety candied Fruit (GB 14884-2016), 5 samples from the same batch should be collected for testing when testing the total number of bacterial colonies in fruit products. The maximum value of 5 samples should not exceed 104 CFU/g, and the number of samples exceeding 103 CFU/g should not exceed 2.The unqualified total number of colonies may be caused by the high initial total number of colonies of raw materials and auxiliary materials used by the production enterprises, and the sterilization process does not meet the requirements.It may also be caused by the lax control of sanitary conditions in the process of production and processing.It may also be related to lax packaging and improper storage and transportation conditions.Third party data shows that The Greater Hinggan Mountains Lvyuan Apiculture Co., Ltd. is a new four board listed enterprise, referred to as Lvyuan apiculture, code 880369.Established in 2002, Luyuan Bee industry Co., Ltd. is a private science and technology enterprise integrating bee breeding, bee product development, bee product in-depth processing, research and development and sales.In 2004, the company’s bee breeding base was listed as the national first-class “bee product standardization demonstration area” construction planning;In 2005, honey series products were awarded the honorary title of “Heilongjiang Famous Brand Products” by heilongjiang Provincial government;In 2006, a series of honey, bee pollen, blueberry honey sauce, red bean honey sauce through the national organic food certification;In 2006, we passed iso9001-2000 quality management and HACCP food safety management system certification, and our products passed QS quality and safety certification.According to the administrative penalty decision no. : Jiagedaqi District Market Supervision Administration Administrative Penalty Decision No. 14 (2020), Luyuan Apiculture Co., Ltd. of Greater Hinggan Mountains was fined 10,000 yuan for producing honey that did not meet the standard.According to administrative penalty approval document: city supervisor word [2021] no. 92, the greater hinggan mountains luyuan bee industry co., LTD. Sales do not conform to the national food safety standards of the food, be confiscated commander is not in conformity with the national food safety standards of food honey blue berry cake 50 bags (150 g/bag), his unlawful income confiscated and fined 50000 yuan RMB 275.

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