The Working Committee of Qinghai Youth Activity Center of Chinese Youth Pioneers was established

In order to promote the socialized development of young Pioneers’ work in the new era, on January 27th, under the guidance of qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and Qinghai Provincial Committee of Young Workers, the working Committee of Qinghai Provincial Youth Activity Center of Chinese Young Pioneers was established and the first congress was held in qinghai Provincial Youth Activity Center.The congress elected 23 members, elected the first director, executive deputy director, deputy director of qinghai Youth Activity Center youth Working Committee.Mr. Huang Xiaohui, the newly elected director of the Youth Working Committee of qinghai Youth Activity Center, made a report on the working objectives and tasks of the first session of the Youth Working Committee. The report took “inheriting the red gene and cultivating new people in the age” as the working objective and clarified the working ideas and direction for the next five years.The report puts forward that efforts will be made to cultivate good plateau youth in the new era as the starting point of work, to build a good young pioneers position, to better serve the province’s children and help the Communist Youth League work;To set a good example and lead, organize, serve and guide young people and children, strengthen ideological and moral construction, and be a good teenager in the new era;To strengthen the sense of community of the Chinese nation, steadily promote the construction of the “Red collar Scarf college”, take the construction of the “community children’s Palace” as an opportunity to develop a new situation of serving grassroots culture.The establishment of the Youth Working Committee of Qinghai Youth Activity Center will have a long-term significance for comprehensively promoting the qinghai Youth Activity Center to serve the party and government functions, to serve the Communist Youth League organization, to serve the development of young pioneers and to serve the vast youth and children in the province.Qinghai Daily client statement: the above content in addition to indicate the source of manuscripts, are qinghai Daily original manuscripts, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, without written permission is strictly prohibited reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!

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