Lexus debuts NX OFFROAD plug-in hybrid concept car and ROV concept car equipped with hydrogen fuel engine at Tokyo Refit Show

On January 18, 2022, lexus NX OFFROAD plug-in hybrid concept car and ROV concept car equipped with hydrogen fuel engine made their shock debuts at the 2022 Tokyo Refit Show.The two concept cars illustrate the LEXUS brand’s vision to be “carbon neutral” and provide customers with more vehicle choices.NX OFFROAD Plug-in hybrid concept car is built based on the new generation OF NX plug-in hybrid model. In pure electric and hybrid mode, the concept car has smooth and delicate driving texture and eye-catching low-carbon environmental protection advantages, while ensuring reliable pure electric driving experience on wet road.The body features a taller chassis and large all-terrain off-road tires with custom copper paint and matte black fittings.The compact ROV concept is designed to break the traditional concept of road and off-road driving and create a unique driving experience that embraces nature.In addition, it is the first LEXUS car with a hydrogen engine, not only clean and environmentally friendly, but also continues the pleasure of internal combustion engine models.A 1/3 scale model of Japanese general Yoshihide Muroya’s Zivko Edge 540 V3 was also on display.This year, Mr. Mumaya will lead the LEXUS/ PATHFINDER aerobatics team in the Air Race World Championship.LEXUS has signed a teamwork agreement with stunt pilot Yoshihide Muiya.The two sides will further accelerate the pace of cooperation, efficient combination of LEXUS cutting-edge technology advantages and Muya Yixiu’s excellent combat skills, research and development of high-performance models for the event and all-out preparation.Under this new team structure, LEXUS is looking forward to a successful start and making history with Miroya.LEXUS will also leverage its advanced aerodynamics, cooling and lightweight technologies, as well as its expertise and experience in challenging aviation competitions, to build better products for its carbon-neutral vision.

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