Kaifeng No. 7 Middle School held the 2022 spring semester moral education seminar

On the morning of February 16th, Kaifeng No.7 Middle School held the 2022 Spring semester moral education work deployment meeting in the school conference room in order to do a good job in returning to school for the new semester, further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of class management, and improve the moral education work and class management level.Zhao Hong, secretary of the party General Branch of the school, Zhang Gang, principal, vice principal Gao attended, all section chiefs, class teachers attended, deputy director of political and Education Office Cui Lecai chaired.First of all, Cui Lecai emphasized the time and process of school registration, detailed the epidemic prevention requirements for returning to school and routine management of students during the epidemic. He asked all classes to strengthen the management of students from the aspects of appearance, mobile phone management, class culture construction and so on.We should properly handle the relationship between home and school, between teachers and students, and between students and students, and earnestly maintain good teaching and living order on campus during the epidemic period.Gao said campus safety should be given top priority, “epidemic prevention and control” work should be done, and the school opening should be organized in a scientific and effective way.According to the situation of the school, focusing on the long-term development, the implementation of moral education plan, to ensure the steady and orderly promotion of school work.Subsequently, the school leaders for each grade section issued a collection of “homeroom teacher deeds”, in recognition of the past year’s hard work of outstanding homeroom teachers.In order to further improve the construction of class civilization, the school issued “class construction quality Improvement Fund” to four classes, focusing on the construction of class culture, theme class meeting, characteristic exercise, etc., to guide the construction of class civilization to a new level.Finally, Zhao Hong conducted special training on class management, led all class teachers to learn the class management construction system, and put forward the management concept of “strict, love, clever”;We call on the head teachers to carry forward the excellent school tradition of cultivating education, being willing to contribute and persevering, strictly observe the “red line” of teachers’ ethics, and create a new highlight of school moral education.Zhang Gang put forward the goals and requirements of moral education in the new semester.He said that this semester moral education work to do a good job of students’ daily standard training, organized a good school activities, pay attention to students’ mental health education and so on.The meeting, clear goal, implement the responsibility, firm confidence, for the smooth development of the new semester work laid a solid foundation.(Fu Haitao, Yang Bingjie, Kang Cui Lecai

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