Frequency hot search!Winter Olympics top flow “ice pier pier” out of stock, these listed companies or benefit

The official flagship store around the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which opened last night, has sold out a number of hand-made emblems and commemorative badges, and the popular mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” was also trending online yesterday.Brokerage comments that the ice dun dun behind the franchise production and sales of enterprises are expected to benefit.According to media reports, the winter Olympics flagship store in Wangfujing Gongmei was crowded with customers on February 4, who had to queue for two to three hours to get into the store to buy their favorite winter Olympics licensed products.Offline a trick is hard to find, so what about online?Sales of bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, are booming on the e-commerce platform, with 1,800 items sold in an hour, according to Tmall.According to media reports, as of February 3, the number of visitors to the Official Tmall Olympic flagship store has exceeded 1 million.On February 4, the “Bing Dwen Dwen” handwork was launched in 15 minutes, and 5,000 of them were sold out.According to the introduction, the production and sales of licensed products must be approved by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. The official online purchase channel is the Official Olympic flagship store on Tmall.Licensed merchandise can be purchased offline from licensed retail stores and high-speed trains.Public information shows that there are 29 licensed manufacturers and 58 licensed retailers for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Including Yuanlong Yatu, Wentou Holdings, Wangfujing, Zhongti Industry, Caibai shares and many other listed companies, among which, Yuanlong Yatu, Wentou Holdings, two companies at the same time as licensed manufacturers and retailers.In addition, the Bank of China, Anta, China Unicom, petrochina, Sinopec, China Post and other enterprises have also opened physical retail channels for licensed products.Such as the most popular ice Dwen dwen, On January 4, Yuan-long Yatu said in the investor interactive platform, the winter Olympics licensed products Ice Dwen Dwen Snow Rong Rong mascot toys and handwork series are the company’s representative products.In addition, Yamato won the Winter Olympics precious metals, badges, key rings and other non-precious metal products;Plush and other material toys three popular categories of winter Olympics licensed goods production qualification.By the end of 2021, Yatu Yuan lung has submitted more than 600 independently designed winter Olympics souvenirs to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.According to Interactive, some investors asked Yuan Long Yatu on Jan. 21 how much the sales of Beijing Winter Olympics souvenirs had boosted the company’s performance.The secretary’s reply is subject to the announcement.Wic holdings has the franchise production rights of precious metals, handicrafts and ceramics, and the franchise retail rights of the whole category of derivatives of the Winter Olympics.In addition, according to Interactive, some investors on December 10, 2021 asked the company what services to provide in the Winter Olympic Games?Secretary Dong replied that the company’s business related to east Olympic Games is mainly divided into three parts: undertaking official cultural activities, developing derivative cultural products and franchising production and sales of east Olympic derivative products.Wangfujing is a licensed retailer for the Beijing 2022 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games and is permitted to sell licensed merchandise for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in selected stores.Hongguan Kiln, a subsidiary of China Porcelain Holdings, is a licensed retailer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The medium industry has obtained the franchise rights for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing and Tianjin.Caibai is currently selling winter Olympics products, including badges and commemorative coins.Wensli can produce and sell related silk products within the scope of authorization.Shanxi Securities said it expects revenue from licensed goods to break 2.5 billion yuan for the entire Winter Olympics cycle.Under the pull of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, related events marketing, peripheral derivative sales and other activities will be gradually launched, industry chain related companies may enter the performance realization period, it is suggested to continue to pay attention to the opportunities brought by the sports sector and offline cultural and sports activities.As for the franchise industry, the Olympic franchise products will increase with the arrival of the Olympic Games, in addition to make up for the Olympic franchise costs, but also get a considerable amount of net profit;At the same time, companies selling Olympic franchise products can also take advantage of the Opportunity of the Winter Olympics to enhance their corporate image and product awareness, expand overseas sales market and enhance brand value.

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