Decided to divorce on the first day of the New Year, no sad, the mood is very calm

The only thing I regret now is that I didn’t leave earlier. You can never change another person.I got married in 2012. When you meet a man who is selfish and just lives his own life, you will be devastated, and he has never done anything for the family, the heart dies.We are also nearly 10 years, is very calm in the divorce, I also feel that I do not want to decadent, enough, but sometimes think it is good.I also want to divorce, but the child’s father does not agree, he earned money are their own, I support the family, the child’s family is everything I am in care, yesterday we had a fight, people said, why to support me, instantly heart cool, more determined to divorce.The first payment of my home I give, house loan, tuition fee he gives, at ordinary times the cost of living, the child’s interest class, fragmentary expenses I give, decorate of I also gave a part, still say I eat his drink his.Baby basic three or four grade just pick up more, do not do housework basically, her husband’s family who is more important than me.His money to take their own, my money to support the family, a quarrel is my fault, money did not save but saved a lifetime of hatred, so I do not want to live this kind of life, after the year I plan to divorce.After ten years of marriage, my husband does not support my family and has never given me living expenses. My mother-in-law’s family has never given us any money. I feel that it is worse to be married than single.The idea of divorce in the mind flashed many times, the first day and he said that in the first month can not find a job to do down, the first day of February on the divorce.Three or four years without a cent income, so that he did not reduce weight, light want to be the boss to make money dream.Think looking for a shelter, which know the wind and rain are he brought.I know two European tour group friends, divorced after the remarriage, now give her 5,000 yuan a month living expenses, said the current temper is very good, how important it is to meet a love yourself.Some people say that try to change, encourage your husband to make money, don’t complain!Divorce does not solve the problem, it is the children who suffer.Every divorced child is no different from the orphan, especially with the father’s children, the father is generally not careful, no patience to take care of the children.But both men and women, as long as the grievances are enough, will choose to break up.If feel two people really can not go on, also have the courage to leave in time is responsible for their own life.If has passed not to go on, but also regret while living the present life is the biggest cruelty to yourself, perhaps also missed a lot of real good time.

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