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The world of Man.Craftsman stone of qi craftsman stone qi, as for the shaft, see oak tree.Making himself widely diverse by thousands of oxen, baiwei, making himself comparatively by ten others. Others can make himself comparatively by ten others.The audience such as the market, artisan bo regardless of, carry out.Tired of observing it, the disciple walked to a mason’s stone and said, “I have never seen such a beautiful material since I was carrying an axe and jin to follow the master.The master refuses to see, line ceaselessly, why evil?”He said, “It has passed, but don’t say it!Wood also.That the boat is sunk, that the coffin is fast rot, that the device is quickly destroyed, that the portal is liquid, that the column is silly.Is not wood also, no use, so can be if the life.”Mason stone, oak society to see the dream said: “women will evil than to zai?If will compare to wenmu evil?柤, pear, orange, pomelo, fruit, 蓏, ripe peel, peel insult;Large branches fold, small branches leak.Because of its ability to afflict the living, it didn’t end its life and follow the middle course of death, from plot on the secular.Everything is for nothing.And I ask for nothing to use for a long time, several death, but now, for the great use.Make to also but useful, and must have this great also evil?And if also with give also all things also, how zai its phase also?And a few dead scattered people, and evil know scattered wood!”The mason saw his dream.The disciple said, “If fun is useless, why is society evil?”The master said, ‘Secret!If silence!They also directly send how, thinking that they do not know their own bad criticism also.Not for the society, and a few cut!And also their protection and many different, and to the meaning of metaphor, not far!”Pull up and down through the bookmarks in the | artisan stone used his useless and give nothing is available for a long time, a few dead, is this too, to be helpful.And I began long ago to seek ways of making myself useless, and I was almost cut down to save my life, and being useless became my greatest use.Comment: Zhuang Zi likes to use useless trees to tell stories. The so-called useless trees actually depend on how to use them.Perhaps, in the eyes of the world, only the pillars for useful, but the pillars are often not days, early death, however, useless to make the tree is not cut down, not only can grow huge, shade four thousand cattle, but also can enjoy the tiannian, this is the greatest use of trees.Of course, Zhuangzi’s time was in the Warring States period, perhaps for the whole body, just choose useless.But his transcendent thinking, two-way thinking, is not also to our posterity a huge spiritual wealth?Welcome to the discussion!

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