Traffic safety into the campus, safe travel with winter vacation

Recently, Hainan Baoting County public Security Bureau traffic control brigade into Baoting middle school to carry out the winter vacation traffic safety propaganda, police in view of the characteristics of winter vacation students travel, focusing on primary and secondary school students riding electric vehicles, motorcycles to preach.At the same time, combined with recent traffic accident cases, with easy-to-understand language to analyze the harm of all kinds of traffic violations to students, appeals to the majority of students to consciously form a good habit of obeying traffic rules, standardize their own behavior.In addition, the activity also through display boards, education and guide students to develop safe and civilized travel habits.Through this activity, further improve the majority of teachers and students consciously abide by the traffic rules of awareness and risk avoidance ability, for the majority of teachers and students winter vacation travel hit good traffic safety inoculation, effectively maintain the safety of primary and secondary school students.

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