She pushed her brother into a reservoir to get her own property, so he was rescued and she fled in the night, the court ruled

In front of interests, people are cold and thin, even the family is no exception.In 2019, there was a drowning case in northern Shaanxi province. The two protagonists in the case were a brother and sister.The elder sister’s name is Wu Hua and the younger brother’s name is Wu Feng.The two grew up together, but the feelings are very general.In the early years, when their parents were engaged in greenhouse farming, the two siblings would often go out to the fields together and play, and somehow they would come to blows.Although wu Feng was a boy, he was several years younger than his sister, so his sister still beat him in strength.Wu hua pushed wu Feng to the ground and scratched his face with his fingertips. Wu feng cried and cried until the mother of the two children arrived and Wu Hua finally let go.However, it was too late. Wu Feng’s face was covered with blood.Although he has since recovered with treatment, a faint scratch mark can still be seen on the right side of his cheek.At that time, the father severely beat Wu Hua, the degree of his hand is no less than that of Wu Hua’s grip on the younger brother. He first hanged his daughter Wu Hua with a rope, and then severely beat her with a leather whip until her skin was torn open and her body was covered with blood.After Wu Hua left scars, her parents did not apply any medicine to her, but just let the bleeding scars scab and heal automatically.When Wu Hua was very young, she felt her parents treated her unfairly, so she not only resented her brother, but also wished she could leave the home full of unhappy memories.After graduating from high school, Wu hua chose to go out to work, where she met her husband and they married quickly. They had a child together.By this time, her younger brother, Wu Feng, had almost finished college.After graduation, Wu did not go out to find a job, but chose to stay in his hometown and lead a leisurely life.After all, their father made a lot of money when he planted greenhouses, and now the family has two houses to be demolished, so even if wu feng does not work in the future, he can use this money to marry and have children and live to old age.After all, the cost in his hometown is not high, and many vegetables and fruits are self-sufficient. Therefore, even if Wu feng stays at home after graduation, his parents will have no financial pressure at all.In addition, they still give Wu a lot of pocket money every month so that he can go out drinking and playing with his friends.Compared with the comfortable life of Wu Feng, sister Wu Hua’s life can be more sad.Since she married over, her parents have never given her a penny, and rarely contact her on weekdays.Her relationship with her husband has not been smooth, and they often quarrel and divorce.Sometimes her husband would even beat Her after a night of drinking.Wu hua and her husband both work in ordinary jobs. Their monthly salaries are so meagre that they struggle to support a child and even have to borrow money to pay for the child’s tuition.For Wu Hua, life is nothing but chicken feathers.She was fed up with the idea of severing all relations with her husband.According to her understanding of her husband, she decided that her husband, who had no sense of responsibility, would give her custody of their children after marriage. In order to have more money to support their children, Wu Hua started to think about her parents’ inheritance.If you want to get your parents’ legacy, you must get rid of your younger brother Wu Feng.Therefore, that weekend, Wu Hua, who had not been home for a long time, went to her parents’ home with her children.After lunch, she told her brother Wu Feng that she had heard that he was a good fisherman and could catch more than a dozen fish in an afternoon, so she wanted him to teach her how to fish.Although Wu Feng and his sister’s feelings are very strange, but she rarely come back, put forward such a request, Wu Feng is not good to ignore.So he took his sister with the tools to drive off, they came to the reservoir more than ten kilometers from home, after all, the northern Shaanxi area is mountainous and little water, fishing people are not common.After arriving at the reservoir, Wu Feng took out his fishing tools and began to teach his sister hand in hand.Sister Wu Hua put on a very happy appearance, let Wu Feng relax their guard, good to find the opportunity to start.In the middle of the way, Wu Hua said he had to go to the car to get something, so he stood up. At this time, Wu Feng was still concentrating on fishing, unaware that his sister had come behind him.Taking advantage of Wu Feng’s inattention, she pushed him into the middle of the reservoir.Although Wu Feng has a good fishing skill, but is a dry duck.Seeing his brother struggling desperately in the middle of the reservoir, Wu Hua drove away without looking back.Fortunately, it was in the evening, there are sheep grandfather down through the reservoir, and timely rescued Wu Feng.Later Wu Feng was sent to the hospital, the first thing he woke up is to call the police.And his sister Wu Hua heard that his brother was rescued, has been awake, know that the situation is not good for themselves, they hurriedly packed up all night to escape.By then, however, the police were out and wu hua was quickly arrested.In the trial, Wu Hua personally admitted that because covet his father’s legacy will choose to kill his brother, she said her parents have been very old, as long as kill his brother and then wait for their parents to die, she will immediately divorce her husband.But her wishful thinking came to nothing.According to Article 232 of the Criminal Law, whoever intentionally kills shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years;If the circumstances are minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.Article 23 A criminal attempt refers to a crime that has already begun to be committed but fails because of reasons other than the will of the criminal.An attempted criminal may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment compared with a completed criminal.In terms of subjective motive, Wu Hua attempted to kill her brother, which already constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Only when her brother was saved did she attempt to kill him.Eventually, the court sentenced Wu hua to seven years in prison.And that was the end of the drowning.

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