Pump motor protector, UTR-05S, idling protection

Utr-05s water pump air defense protector is an electronic current air defense protector. It protects water pump motor. It is an upgraded product of traditional thermal relay.The uCR-05S adopts digital processing technology to detect the three-phase load current of the motor through the built-in current transformer, and judge the fault according to the measured current value of the three-phase.When the above fault occurs, the pump air defense protector, the internal relay contact of the UTR-05S pump motor protection is disconnected, and the motor power is cut off.Control voltage 24-240VAC/DC, output type: 1A1B, low current value UC and trip action delay Time Ut and automatic reset Time R-time can be set, when automatic reset is not needed, it can also be shut down EUCR-05S idling protector EUCR-05S at present, most of the society does not design air defense protection function.However, in the process of pump operation, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of pumping, when idling time is long, it will seriously affect the service life of the pump.Eucr-05s idling low current protection relay When the pump appears idling and the delay reaches the shutdown protection condition, the device will stop the pump operation, to achieve the purpose of idling shutdown protection for a long time.When the water level is restored within 120 seconds, the automatic reset Time can be set by r-time to realize automatic water level control on site.The main reasons for pump idling motor: pump idling, centrifugal pump without water, pump shaft and for sealing water “root” dry friction (no water film lubrication), so that “root” burned, and then sintering with the pump shaft resistance;Submersible pump (deep well pump) without water, suction sac and pump body dry friction (no water film lubrication), so that the suction sac burned out or off, resulting in pump resistance;Due to the above reasons, the first is the damage of the pump, resulting in the motor overload, or even blocked, if the motor is not set up over load protection, will burn the motor, if there is over load protection, will trip;So the pump motor must be set up over load protection.EUCR-05SEUCR-30SEUCR-60S

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