Many people will only eat fruit, in fact, leaves are also treasure!It’s in season now. It’s a pity you don’t know how to eat

Guide language: a lot of people can eat fruit only, actually leaf also is treasure!Now eat proper season, do not know to eat a pity spring, drizzle moist after the bud, quietly grow out, and to eat the season of wild vegetables, in addition to wild vegetables, leaves are also deeply loved by people, like Yuqian, medlar leaves, Chinese toon, willow leaves and so on.Today we share an unusual leaves of delicious, many people only know its fruit tasty, but don’t know the leaf is also a treasure, it is “mountain pomegranate leaf, mountain pomegranate appearance looks like hawthorn, but smooth skin than hawthorn, is much smaller than the hawthorn, mountain pomegranate paste into hawthorn hawthorn buds.You can’t eat hawthorn in spring, but it’s also a good choice to eat some pomegranate leaves. The fresh shoots are especially delicious!Here’s how I did it.Hawthorn nutrition is very rich, contains a variety of vitamins, fruit acid, organic acid, dietary fiber and other nutrients, help digestion, turbidite fat reduction, weight loss beauty, appetite and other benefits.As the saying goes: fat in winter, liver in spring.Eat more delicacies like pomegranate leaves in spring, especially for women.This leaf is now only rural people can eat, the city is not good money to buy ah.Spring, meet it don’t soft, fresh nutrition, women eat ruddy face, belly disappeared.First of all, we put pomegranate leaves into the water, wash several times, after all, grow in the mountains, sand will be attached to the leaves, I do not know why, this leaf into water should also have foam, we are cleaning the best to add the right amount of salt sterilization, pomegranate leaves soak for a while, until the water is clean.Wash the pomegranate leaves we control dry water, into two eggs, seasoning salt, MSG, into 2 eggs, stir evenly.Coat each pomegranate leaf with the egg mixture and add just enough peanut oil to hold the moisture.City oppidan of this kind of leaf is not bought, infiltrate 2 eggs, do not fry do not bake, give pot than braise in brown sauce sweet!I’m going to add a tablespoon of corn flour, mix it up, if you see the pomegranate leaves are very wet, you don’t have enough corn flour, and then we’re going to add more corn flour and mix it up.Until the pomegranate leaves are all covered with corn flour, and there is no dried corn flour left, and they hold together, you don’t need to add any more corn flour.Stick the pomegranate leaves covered with corn flour, we use chopsticks, put the corn leaves on the steamer, cold water or boiling water can be boiled, turn to medium heat, steam for 20 minutes, cooked.Steamed pomegranate leaves become not so green, become golden, people look at appetite, eat a mouthful of incense, but also particularly chewy, light and refreshing, the more you eat the more you want to eat, really delicious, simple, delicious than the wowtou, less oil and healthy nutrition.Many people will only eat fruit, in fact, leaves are also treasure!It’s in season now. It’s a pity you don’t know how to eat.Do you like pomegranate leaves?If you have a more delicious way to make this leaf, feel free to comment in the comments section below, your comments keep me going.I am rural sister Rong, every day will update a food for your reference exchange advice, like my article please pay attention to + like to share + collection support!Thank you for your support!Welcome to next time, bye!

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