Involving 2.15 million yuan, Wugang police beat up a “gang letter” criminal gang

Rednet moment On February 25 – (correspondent Liu Feng Zhang Kai) recently, Wukang City Public Security Bureau Wan Tou Bridge police station in accordance with the “cut card” special action work requirements, quick attack, successfully knocked out a “help letter” criminal gang, captured 13 criminal suspects.On January 25, 2022, Wougang City Public Security Bureau Wantouqiao police Station learned that Yin Moucheng, Yu Moucheng and other people in the area provided bank card money laundering clues for overseas electric fraudsters.The institute attaches great importance to the investigation immediately.According to investigation, since January 2022, Yin, Yu and Wang rented and sold their bank cards to others for receiving and transferring telecom fraud funds, even though they knew that others might engage in illegal and criminal activities.And by introducing the classmates, friends Liu Moujia, wang mou a certain, ryu, Liu Moucai, deng wei, Liu Moumou, Yin an inscription, tang a ocean, Hu Mou, wang mou Lin and others with their name bank account, pay treasure to settlement network crime of money laundering money to assist network crime syndicates involved a profit, the gang crime involved settlement funds of 2.15 million yuan,Yin and others made more than 30,000 yuan in illegal profits.The Wantouqiao police station has decided to carry out two operations to arrest 13 people including Eun.On the one hand, the police force to implement the Yin Mou cheng and other 13 people arrested;On the other hand, the police were sent into Yin mou cheng and other 13 people.Through the law and other ways to carry out patient and careful ideological mobilization of their families, actively assist the public security organs to urge Yin And others to surrender.After the unremitting efforts of the police, the police arrested Yu in the downtown area of Wugang city on February 18, 2022. Under the strong pressure of the Wugang police, the other 12 suspects voluntarily surrendered to the police station and truthfully confessed their criminal facts.At present, Yin Mou cheng, Yu mou, Wang Mou, Liu Mou Jia, Liu Mou, Wang Mou 6 people were detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, Liu mou CAI, Deng Mou Wei, Hu Mou, Liu xx, Yin Mou Ming, Wang Mou Lin, Tang Mou Yang 7 people were detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, the case is further digging.Police remind: telecom network fraud crime is the most important characteristics of criminal activities, the formation of a chain of interests.Here to remind the general public, do not sell bank cards, alipay and other accounts, rent to others, these sales, rent behavior may provide convenience for others to carry out crimes, but also make victims suffer economic losses, more likely to let themselves fall into the abyss of crime.

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