A share section after serious differentiation, continue to layout the strong variety of certainty!

Years of stock fund investment experience, steady style, good at long-term investment, grasp the trend of stock funds.Follow the tuyere, read the trend, in advance to capture the next market tuyere.On the second trading day of the year of the Tiger, markets greeted panic.In the morning, wuxi Apptec fell by the limit within a minute of opening, CRO plate ushered in a heavy fall, many stocks fell, gem intraday plunged more than 4%, and GEM since the adjustment of intraday cumulative decline of more than 20%, once entered a technical bear market.Shanghai and Shenzhen concussion in the lower, also ushered in a dive.However, the afternoon market suddenly, coal, steel and other strong performance, banks and securities plate power to lead the index strong pull up, The Shanghai Index successfully turned red continued to rise, the whole day ushered in a counterattack.In terms of individual stocks, stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen were mostly up today, with 1,576 stocks rising and 488 down in Shanghai.In Shenzhen, 2,106 stocks rose and 487 fell.The two cities were up by the daily limit of 74 households, down by the daily limit of 5 households.In the sector, coal, tourism, diversified finance, gas supply and heating performed well, semiconductor, electrical equipment, wine, medicine, automobile continue to adjust, continue to pay attention to the wheel shift of the plate and the rebound effect of the adjusted plate.Technology, from the Shanghai day K line trend, followed in shenzhen today, the gem to new lows after the volatility, and then turn red rose, closed above the 5 daily average line, 5 daily average line began to go up, but the Shanghai 5, 10, 20, short-term average system is still in short, the market is a super fell rebound, the Shanghai short-term average system to reverse as the bulls still need some time to just go,It is difficult to determine the end of the fall because of two days up.The market in the low signs are more obvious, showing that the policy surface can not tolerate this decline situation, and the volume can also be amplified earlier, the signs of otc funds are more obvious.Operation strategy, the short-term market is expected to be around the certainty of strong varieties, such as high dividend banks, insurance and other financial stocks, as well as the benefit of the economic bottom expected infrastructure-related sectors, such as railway, infrastructure, etc..I hope that after reading the article, you can move your finger, in the lower right corner of the money brother point a like, thank every fan of the money brother support and encouragement!Stock # #

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