Yangxin County: “small leek” become a “cash cow” for getting rich

Qilu network · Lightning news February 16 – in recent years, Yangxin County Zhai Wang Town focus on creating modern efficient agriculture, from the fund, technology and other aspects to support, firmly grasp the party building leading this focus, highlighting the “Party building +” effect, adhere to the party branch leadership, co-operating cooperatives,We will integrate cooperatives with land transfer, upgrade industries with local characteristics, increase village collective incomes, and enrich villagers, so as to promote comprehensive rural revitalization.Walking into yangxin County grand vegetable planting professional cooperative leek planting base, clusters of green leeks are particularly dazzling, filled with the spicy fragrance of leeks, harvesting, tying the villagers are busy.Yangxin bureau of agriculture and rural areas in leek base technical guidance Chen Yuting said: “we wei jia jujube village in ZhaiWang town party committee, under the guidance of the government in June 2020, the circulation of land of 400 mu, on a path to the village party branch LingBan cooperatives, lead the planting in hanzhong city purple root leeks, now have begun to mass production, steady led around the crowd, who made his fortune.”In addition to the income from land transfer, villagers can also work in cooperatives.Now the cooperative has about 10 people working in the park every day on average, and about 50 villagers work in the park during the peak season of chives harvesting and selling.With the income from ordinary gig jobs and the income from land transfer, the average family’s annual income can reach up to 70,000 yuan, which truly solves the employment problem of the villagers in the nearby villages and realizes the virtuous cycle of “ensuring the stability of land transfer and getting rich by participating in labor”.Ma Jing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhai Wang Town, Yangxin County, said: “Zhai Wang Town actively explores the model of ‘park + Party branch co-operatives + farmers’, actively transfers land, promotes the construction of rural revitalization industrial projects, and leads the people to become rich.Give full play to the role of the party branch fighting fort, the introduction of modern efficient planting management technology, to jointly create the wizard of Oz vegetables enjoy Zhai Wang characteristic town.”Industrial prosperity is the foundation of rural vitalization.In recent years, Zhai Wang town closely village collective income, villagers get rich theme, make full use of Zhai Wang town vegetable advantages, has created “Yufeng town” modern agricultural industrial park, Zhai Wang town modern efficient agriculture (vegetables) industrial park and other characteristic industrial park, fully let the characteristic agricultural industry become people get rich “cash cow”.Flash news reporter Wang Feifei correspondent Zhao Lei Wei Junyu Qi Xiaoguang Bi Wenxiu report

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