To overcome the obstacles, we only wish to clear the cloud of the epidemic as soon as possible

Rednet moment news reporter Liu Dan Correspondent Li Shan Collating report Chronicler: Wu Yuan, Third Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, children grow up and plants will sprout.While we were still discussing the touching plot of the TV show “The World”;When we were still picketing the great city of Changchun in our mind, one day in March, we suddenly received an order from the National Health Commission to send a nucleic acid testing team from Hunan Province to Changchun, Jilin province, to fight against the novel coronavirus.Acting on orders is a sense of mission, a sense of mission that enables us to overcome all difficulties and forge ahead.This is the second time that I have led the team to the war, and I have been lingering in my heart with anxiety, excitement and firm faith.On March 14, 2022, our 12-member nucleic acid testing team of The Third Xiangya Hospital and other members of the Nucleic acid testing team of Hunan Province, together with a total of more than 150 people, boarded a charter flight to Changchun, Jilin, with the earnest expectations of the leaders and colleagues and the reluctance of our families.Ten of the 12 members of the team went to Anyang in January this year to fight against the epidemic, and the other two comrades have always been on the front line of fighting against the epidemic in the hospital, and are expert in nucleic acid testing.After a journey of more than 2,000 kilometers, we went from warm Changsha with a temperature of 28℃ to cold Changchun with a temperature of -2℃.In the evening when we checked into the hotel, the staff of Changchun Municipal Health Commission talked with us, hoping that we could spare some time to support the local laboratory in Changchun before the construction of our own gas film laboratory was completed.All the team members did not fear, did not evade, the next day directly into the local laboratory work in Changchun.On March 15, it was snowing heavily and the temperature was -7 degrees Celsius. The comrades fought in the laboratory, but they were still sweating.The night view of Changchun was beautiful, and when WE returned from the laboratory at night, the snow fell on the branches and leaves of every tree, like cotton balls. It was a beautiful thing, and for us children who grew up in the south, it was a wonder.We looked at the snowflakes outside the window, cheering again and again, happy and hard work coexist.After the completion of the air film laboratory, the work is busy and difficult, with more positive, high concentration, high exposure risk, shifts reversed day and night, mountains of samples, unlimited consumption of physical function and energy, all of which are the numerous difficulties we need to overcome.Ensuring quality and timely completion of tasks is our bottom line.Everyone sticks to their posts, gives full play to their strengths, solid and rich professional level, serious and responsible working attitude, meticulous and patient effective communication, tacit cooperation, so that our team has entered into a smooth and efficient work process from the very beginning.The team member twisted the lid of the nucleic acid sampling tube, and his fingers were broken.Seeing the efforts and hardships of the players, MY heart is very moved and distressed.Girls still work 12 hours during their periods;Protective gear leaves deep indentations on the face;Opening and twisting the lid chafed fingers and blistered them;Add sample for a long time to cause hands and arms difficult to lift;Standing for a long time leads to edema of both lower limbs;The reversal of the day and night causes insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep, and a lot of hardships that cannot be told…In addition to the hard work, there was the loss of appetite caused by the difference in diet between the north and the south, and the loneliness caused by living alone in front of each other. These were obstacles that my team could not overcome, but overcame with teeth.In the family, we are children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers, the most ordinary and warm role in the world.In this fight against the epidemic, we are not the heroes of the world, we are just ordinary medical workers with full of blood, is the most ordinary and great “soldiers”.We hope that with the concerted efforts of all, the fog of the epidemic will soon be lifted from Changchun and the hustle and bustle of this old industrial revolution city will be restored.

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