Tiger report!Two families in Xiamen share the joy of having a baby on New Year’s Day

Ms. Yang and her husband, Mr. Wu, took a photo with their baby.(Photo by Lu Chen) As the Year of the Tiger approaches, hospitals in Xiamen hear the first “tiger roar” from Yin Tiger baby.The reporter contacted the family that gave birth to the “tiger baby” on the first day of the New Year to share their joy and joy: some babies are very “tiger” from pregnancy, in the mother and fetus “rush” to term;Some babies and sister have “telepathy”, sister touched her mother’s stomach, there will be fetal movement……At 11 o ‘clock in the morning on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the city maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in the maternity ward, a sleeping tiger baby just woke up, babbling in the crib sound.This was the day at 0:11, the city’s maternal and child health care hospital ushered in the first tiger baby.Hearing the noise, “dad” Mr. Wu immediately got up, skillfully took out a bottle of milk powder bubble, bubble after a few drops on the back of the hand to test the temperature, just picked up the baby to feed her.”Dabao is my husband takes care of him a lot. Now he is even more adept at handling the baby.”Ms Yang lay in bed looking at her father and daughter, her face full of happiness.Yang said that since Dabao was born, her husband has been responsible for most of the baby care, and dabao is closer to her father now.When she was pregnant with two babies, her husband would work and take care of the baby at the same time after work, which also saved her a lot of heart.Therefore, pregnant “little tiger” period, Ms. Yang also took an examination of the health management certificate.”I’m probably better at parenting now than my wife.”Mr. Wu said while holding two treasure to coax sleep.He said that in the future, this “little tiger” may also bring more of his own, thinking of the future when he comes home to his two daughters to cling to him, he will be especially happy.Ms. Yang took out her mobile phone to show the photo of Dabao when she was just born.”Look at her sleeping now, just like when my eldest daughter was born, like a twin.”Speaking of the similarities between the two babies, Ms. Yang was excited.During pregnancy, the two sisters had a special “telepathy”, Yang explained to reporters, in the past few months to erbao to do fetal education, every time Dabao stroking her stomach, want to “talk” to her sister, erbao belly will become active, as if really responding to her sister.Ms Ye gave birth to the tiger cub “Little Ye” at Xiamen Hongai Maternity Hospital.A woman named Ye gave birth to her daughter at 7:16 am on The first day of the Year of the Tiger in Xiamen’s Hongai Maternity Hospital.Three hours after the baby was born, the reporter noticed that Although Ms. Ye was a little tired, she still had a tingle of excitement on her face as she talked about the birth.”The baby was actually due on New Year’s Eve, and I was just getting ready to go to bed after eating dinner when I felt the baby ‘kick in’.”Ms. Ye described that just after midnight, she felt vaguely broken water, then contacted the hospital, and her husband was hospitalized to wait for the birth.At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, her “female tiger bao” was born smoothly, weighing 6 jin whole.”My husband and I are both named Ye, and we plan to call our baby Little Ye for the time being.””Ms. Ye said.Hong Ai Maternity Hospital also gave Ye and “little Ye” New Year gifts – a bouquet of flowers, a singing doll.Ms. Ye’s mother Aunt Zhu told reporters that she and “little Ye” father almost did not sleep a wink on New Year’s Eve, accompanied her daughter’s entire labor process, “birth is very fast, very smooth, energy is soon restored!”Aunt Zhu smiled happily.Aunt Zhu said that her daughter did not travel less during pregnancy – Ms. Ye, who is in her early 30s this year, works as a Korean translator. She went on business trips in Fuzhou and Quanzhou for one or two weeks before giving birth, and did not rest until she was full term.”She would occasionally tell me that she felt uncomfortable because of her big month, and I would feel distressed and encourage her, ‘It is true that being a mother is not so easy.'” Zhu said she supported her pregnant daughter to work hard despite her ability.In this way, “little Ye” followed her mother to the world on the first day of the Year of Yin tiger.

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